How to Market Directly to Online Marketers

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Direct Response Marketing

Not too long ago, marketing managers worked directly with sales reps to drive new business. Managers would set weekly marketing budgets and objectives for the year, and then work closely with sales to hit those targets.

While this is still common, there’s a new approach called direct response marketing (DRM). In DRM, marketers research consumers’ interests and then target those individuals with relevant offers. For example, if you’re selling housewares, you might target women interested in cooking or gardening who have purchased items from your category before.

DRM relies heavily on data. With the right set of tools, marketing managers can sift through vast amounts of information to find consumer interests and online behavior patterns. For example, you might look at a company’s website traffic to determine what subjects and keywords they are interested in.

With this information, you can create highly relevant marketing lists and campaigns. Then, when you send out personalized emails or display ads, you’ll be able to drive more qualified leads to your business.

What Is Responsive Marketing?

In today’s digital world, more consumers are using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access the web. As a result, websites need to be optimized for mobile users.

To maintain a good user experience, websites need to be mobile-friendly and display content quickly. If you’re running a business website, you might consider what is known as responsive marketing.

With responsive marketing, rather than having a single website where all content is accessible, organizations are using different platforms for content: blog articles, videos, etc.

As a result, consumers have access to content at all times, whether they’re on a mobile device or desktop. When users access a website on their mobile device, for example, the webpage will display properly and function as expected.

On the other hand, if a user visits your business’ website on a desktop computer, they will see a smaller version of the webpage with the content cropped. In this case, the content might not display properly.

You can implement responsive marketing on your own website or use a service like Growthoid to get started. Once you have an optimized website, you can add video content, landing pages, and more to expand your business.