How Much Does Nike Cost in a Year Online?

Most people know what Nike stands for and the iconic brand is recognised worldwide. However, did you know that Nike actually costs a lot? We’ll explore the pricing details for the various items in the Nike collection and how much they cost in today’s world. 

Running Shoes

It wouldn’t be fair to say that every item in the Nike collection is expensive, as some are actually quite affordable. However, when it comes to running shoes, you would be surprised at how much they cost. According to Running Shoes Price Comparison, a pair of running shoes will set you back a whopping $250. As the name would suggest, these shoes are ideal for helping you run fast and far. The most expensive pair of running shoes we’ve listed on this page costs around $1200.

Basket Bag

If you’re heading to the store and want to make sure your hands are free, you might want to pick up a basket bag. These bags are ideal for shopping as they don’t require any hands to carry them. Made from durable materials such as plastic and metal, you can rest assured that your hands will be safe in case you drop something. Basket bags typically range from $20 to $40, depending on the model and the brand. The most expensive basket bags we’ve listed on this page cost around $130.

Polaroid Pocket Photo Printer

Who hasn’t spent hours wandering around town, searching for the perfect photo booth? With a photo booth, you don’t have to worry about having your photo taken and waiting for the photo prints to develop. Since they are designed to be portable, photo booth providers usually pack them up and bring them to events where photos with friends and family are abundant. This makes them ideal for a graduation party, wedding or any other celebration where you want to have fun but with a professional look.

If you don’t have the budget for a traditional photo booth, you can pick up a humble photo printer from Amazon that will let you print photos instantly. It is also compatible with various photo storage devices, so you can easily bring along all your photos for the entire party. When it comes to photo printers, you can’t go wrong forking out $40. The most expensive photo printer we’ve listed on this page costs around $130.

Pelican Business Case

Another way of carrying your important documents and other stuff is in a pelican case. Made from a polycarbonate and steel, this case is weatherproof, dustproof and watertight. It has compartments to keep your laptop, documents, etc separated from each other. The case itself is portable and has handles on the outside, so you can transport it easily. If you work remotely a lot, this case will come in handy. You can carry it by the handles and place your laptop in the well of the case, so it doesn’t touch the ground while you’re walking. That is a great way to save time and ensure your laptop is protected at all times. It also has an additional ID pocket on the inside, which is beneficial if you work for an insurance company or a bank. The cost of a pelican case is around $40, but the most expensive ones can cost up to $75.

Matching Jockstrap and Tights

If you play sports and belong to a team, you’ll want to pick up some matching jockstrap and tights. These are great for team spirit and creating a cohesive look between players. While most people think of jockstraps when thinking of this category, tightswimmers also have them and they’re ideal for use during practice sessions or competitions, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable while playing sports. Just make sure you wear some form of underlayment under the jockstrap, as this will keep your groin area cool and dry during those hot games or practices. 

Nike is a brand that truly provides comfort and ease of use to those who wear their products. You can’t deny that they’ve done amazing things for the sport of running and have made plenty of people, including ourselves, very happy customers.