Marketing Your Online Airline Booking Service

Airline booking services provide travelers with a simple way to search for and book flights online. But did you know that many of these services are completely free? Or that you can get a free dedicated phone line just for booking travel online? Or that you can use up to six free checked bags with your membership? These are just some of the things you can get if you join the club and use them correctly. Let’s explore how you can market your airline booking service using these free resources.

Get Inspired

The first step to marketing your online booking service is to figure out what you are going to use to market it. What topics could you talk about to inspire people to use your service vs another airline booking site? There are many topics you could draw from, including customer service, security, and more. Many airline booking sites have their drawbacks, but also have some pretty cool features that make them unique. For example, is great for booking travel cheaply; however, their customer service is terrible, which could turn off potential customers. But on the other hand, you could see CheapAir as a marketing opportunity. There are so many rumors going around about how CheapAir is going to merge with other airlines, so anyone searching for low-cost flights might just see your service as an alternative.

Curate Content

Once you have your topic for inspiration, the next step is to find relevant and valuable content to curate. You don’t necessarily need to create content specifically for your site (e.g., blog posts, videos, etc.), but you can use other platforms to spread the word about your service. For example, you could start a blog and feature relevant content in your weekly or monthly posts. You could also look to create and curate content for Youtube or other video platforms. A few good keywords should get you pointed in the right direction of highly trafficked content creators in your niche. When you find videos that are relevant to your topic, simply flag them for the content creators to watch and consider featuring your service.

Distribute The Content

Now that you have your content, the next step is to simply distribute it. You can do this through various platforms, including Blogger, Medium, and more. The great thing about Blogger is that it is very easy to set up a blog with just a few clicks. As a first-time blogger, you might want to consider checking out Blogger’s training videos or using the Blogger’s free distribution checklist to make sure you cover the basics correctly before publishing your first post. Once you have your blog set up, simply start sharing your curated content through Blogger’s Rich Snippets function. This will help potential customers discover your blog and find your content while surfing through their favorite website. Blogger’s rich snippets are like miniature versions of the articles that appear on your site.

Monitor The Results

Finally, you can monitor the results of your efforts to market your service by tracking website traffic, blog posts, and social media engagement. You can use Google Analytics to track these results easily. Keep in mind that the more you put in to attract potential customers, the more you will get back. With that, you should see an increase in website traffic, along with positive feedback from customers who used your service vs. those who did not.

To find the right keywords, you can use free tools like SEMrush or Keyword Planner that can help you discover the most popular keywords related to your topic. From there, you can use the Keyword Lookup Tool in Google Analytics to discover which keywords are bringing in the most traffic and the ones that are bringing up the least amount of interest.

To figure out how to properly use these keywords, you can use tools like Google Adwords, which can help you find relevant keywords and display ads on relevant sites. If you add a location to your ad, you will get a lot more response if your target audience is nearby. So, consider adding locations to your next campaign.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we discussed how to market an online airline booking service. With that, you can start a conversation about the various ways you can reach your target audience using free tools and methods.

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