Marketing in 2016: Pride and Ferrell Online PDF

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re already familiar with Pride and Ferrell. If
not, this article might be a good place to start.

Since 1897, the legal firm of Pride & Ferrell has been helping entrepreneurs
build their businesses. One of the keys to their success has been their
perspective on marketing, which has allowed them to develop holistic
approaches to marketing that work for multiple industries and niches.

This year, they’re celebrating their 100th anniversary and have launched a
multi-media marketing campaign to mark the occasion. It’s called “#100YearsOfPride & Ferrell,” and it’s an interactive online
experience that allows users to delve into the firm’s history and see how
it’s grown over the past century.

If you’ve ever shopped at Nordstrom, you might be familiar with their
annual “Christmas in July” sale. If not, it’s a annual sales event where
they discount a selection of their summertime items, mostly clothing, for
the remainder of the year. It’s usually one of the biggest sales events of
the summer, so if you’re looking for great deals on clothing items, you’ve
come to the right place!

Nordstrom’s #ChristmasInJuly sale is a great example of how companies can
use sales events to generate excitement around their brand. It’s not
exactly a new idea, but it’s one that continues to prove its worth.

Whether you’re running a retail store, a clothing line, or an eCommerce
site, you can use sales events and flash sales to get customers into your
store. Just make sure you don’t overextend yourself and end up with
salesfloor overload.

Why Should You Market in 2016?

As the title might suggest, we’re in the middle of a significant
transition in marketing. Most traditional advertising media, such as
radio, TV, and print, are struggling to find their place in today’s
digital world. If
you’re using these traditional methods of marketing, you’re probably
already feeling the pinch of competition from digital marketers who’ve
learned how to game the system.

Even the biggest of the big advertising agencies are feeling the heat
and are shifting their attention to digital marketing. This has forced
marketers to look for more affordable ways to reach potential customers. As
result, demand for “white label” marketing solutions has increased

In other words, businesses that want to “market” but don’t necessarily
want to go through the motions of a typical advertising campaign are
reaching out to freelancers like us.

you’re looking to grow your business in 2016, you might want to consider
marketing and branding yourself as a “product” or “service” in order to
attract and retain customers. Once you have their attention, you can
provide them with beneficial content, such as helpful advice, tools, or
educational materials that will encourage them to become brand advocates
contribute to your ongoing marketing efforts.

How Can You Use Sales Events To Market Your Business?

Sales events, whether they’re based on an official holiday or
not, are always a great opportunity to expose your products or services to
the public. It’s especially effective to tie your marketing to an
(like a sale or a trade show) that occurs every month or year, so that
when customers hear about your event, they’ll automatically think of your
and be inclined to associate it with positive feelings and desirable

For example, if you’re promoting a product or service related to
gardening, you might want to choose June 1st as the date for your
“World Domination Summit” sale. On that day, you could give away free
seed packets with every purchase of $40 or more. You could also
interested gardeners to your website that day by offering expert
on the best techniques for cultivating a successful garden. In
you could engage with potential customers via social media by sharing
related to the event, such as how-to guides or instructional videos.

How Can You Use Social Media To Market Your Business?

power of social media to promote a business can’t be overstated. Even
if you don’t have a budget for traditional advertising, you can still
from a well-executed social media strategy. You can also use the
opportunity to engage with potential customers via live chats, ask
questions, and get feedback on your products or services. For example,
could connect with people in your target audience via a live chat
function on your website. Then, during the event, you could refer
to the
live chat conversation, or even bring up the date of the chat in a
on social media.

is one of the reasons why many businesses still rely on print media to
their products. Back in the day, you could throw a press release on
printed material and call it a day. Now, with so much competition,
businesses need to play the long game and use every tool at their
disposal, including social media.

Make Sure You Follow The Rules Of Good Marketing

is merely the promotion of a product or service in which you or your
company has an interest.” That definition doesn’t tell you much about
marketing, but it does give you a pretty good idea of what kind of
thing you’re getting into.

good news is that we live in a world where technology has made it much
easier to focus on the things that matter most to you. That means you
have to be limited by the same old restrictions that apply to
marketing. For example, you might decide that internet marketing is
way forward and set up automated emails or online marketing
campaigns to
reach your target audience.

should also establish your authority in your niche by being the go-to
source for information on your chosen topic. Doing this will not only
you more accessible to your target audience but will also increase your

Pro-Tip: Use tools like Google Alerts and Twitter Analytics to keep
track of the times and places that your keywords and hashtags are
used on social media. You can also use these tools to keep track of
keywords and hashtags are being used most often by your target

What Will The Future Of Marketing Look Like?

a pretty safe bet to say that the future of marketing will look
nothing like
the present. Not only have the rules changed, but the very
definition of
“marketing” has changed, as we’ve seen with the emergence of
sub-specialties, such as marketing communications and marketing

are just two of the many new sub-specialties that emerged as a
result of the changing digital landscape. If you’re looking for
you can almost certainly guarantee that there’s a niche within a
niche for

Where Do I Go From Here?

brings us to the end of our journey. Hopefully, you’ve learned a
bit about marketing and how to use it to your advantage. If you
want to
continue your education, here are a few places you can start: