How to Make Your Own Marketing Video for Free Online

Do you have a product or service that you are passionate about? Have you ever considered creating a YouTube video to promote your product or service? If so, read on. This article will teach you how to make a marketing video for free online.

Get Inspired

The first step to creating a marketing video is to get inspired. You need to identify a problem that your product or service solves. You also need to consider what makes your product or service unique. For example, what sets your app or service apart from other products or services in your industry?

After you have answered these questions, you can begin exploring YouTube to find relevant videos that can serve as inspiration for your own marketing video.

Choose a Host & Music Track

The next step is to choose a host and music track for your video. You will need a high-quality microphone to record audio in any form. You also need a webcam or phone camera to match the high-quality production value that you desire.

Choose a host that is already established in the industry that you wish to enter. If you are recording audio narration, choose a male or female voice. The voice should match the tone and ambiance of your product or service.

For visual content, you can choose from a variety of hosts including Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook as well as free video hosting platforms like YouTube. Make sure to download the video and set the right metadata so that you can optimize your content for the platforms and mediums that you use.

Plan Out Scenes & Sketches

The last step in creating a marketing video is to plan out the scenes and sketches that you will include in your video. These are the shots that will help tell your story. You should include a combination of the following:

  • Action shots
  • Close-ups
  • Stills from videos or other images
  • B-roll
  • Cutaways
  • Other types of shots

For each scene, sketch out the following:

  • The overall arc of the scene
  • The visuals
  • The dialogue
  • The intensity of the action
  • The emotions that you want to convey
  • The climax

To help you brainstorm ideas, you can use a free online scene planner that will walk you through each step of the process. Once you have entered the necessary information, the scene planner will generate a fully scripted scene that you can review and approve before recording.

Record Your Video & Make Some Adjustments

Once you have approved the storyline and the scenes, it’s time to record your video. To maximize the effectiveness of your marketing video, we recommend that you record using video editing software such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier.

The important thing to keep in mind is to make your video stand out from the rest. To achieve this, you need to focus on the following:

  • Editing: Cut out any useless parts. (This could include scenes that are not relevant to the overall story or shots that are simply filler.)
  • Music: Find a piece of music that fits the mood and style of your product or service. (For example, if you are selling fashion, explore pop or rock music.)
  • Background: Get a high-quality still or video background that fits the overall theme of your product or service (e.g., fashion background for a fashion video).
  • Camera Angles: Choose the right camera angles for the scenes that you have planned out. (For example, if you are telling a story about a fashion brand, you will want to include a lot of close-ups of clothing pieces.)
  • Color: Consider the overall color scheme of your product or service. (For example, you may want to use a cream-colored background for your fashion video to give the footage a polished look.)
  • Effects: Add motion effects (such as a watermark) and sound effects (such as a clap or ding) where necessary.
  • Caption: If you are including narration, add a captions layer above the video.

Once you have recorded your video, take a few minutes to review it and make some minor adjustments. To start, cut out any excessive background noise (such as music or other audio that is too loud). Then, zoom in on the action so that it is slightly easier to follow along. Finally, consider adding a few more pieces of visual content (such as shots of your product or service in action) to expand the scope of your story.

If you have followed these steps and created a high-quality and engaging marketing video, congratulations! You now have a powerful tool to grow your business.