5 Los Angeles Online Marketing Services You Should Be Using

Most people reading this probably live in LA. Hopefully, you’re making the most of it and are finding success online. If not, you can take some advice from those who are enjoying big-city life and try to replicate their methods to grow your business online.

There are numerous marketing services available to the digital marketer in Los Angeles. Some of the most popular options are listed here. You should consider trying at least a couple to see which ones work best for you.

Free Blogger Plan

You may know that Google offers a free blogger plan that enables you to create a blog. The only catch is that you have to commit to annual billing and have a credit card on file. Still, it’s a great option if you’re just getting started and don’t have the funds to invest in web hosting and a domain name.

Priced Blogger Plan

As a savvy business owner or operator, you may recognize that paying for quality is often better than relying on adverts to generate revenue. Although there are various free blogger plans, you may want to consider trying a premium package to get the most from your blog. An advantage of this plan is that you do not have to commit to annual billing and can cancel at any time. The downside is that you have to pay for the privilege of having a blog.

Personal Blogger

If you’re the sole proprietor of a business, you may not want to use a dedicated blog for marketing. Instead, you can use your own personal blog to promote your business. If you’re a professional in a specific field, you may decide that a personal blog is the most effective way to connect with your audience. While you do not need to have your own blog to take advantage of this option, it does make it simpler.

Instagram Influencer Plan

Instagram is one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms around. Its key differentiator is that content is mostly user-generated. This provides a great opportunity for marketers to have greater impact and engage with potential customers. As Instagram has many paid tiers, you may want to explore this route.

LinkedIn Influencer Plan

With over 500 million members globally, LinkedIn is one of the best places for business owners and marketers to grow their networks and find potential customers. Although the site provides a free profile for individuals, you may want to consider paying for a premium plan so you can set your own prices and have more control over your content.

YouTube Creator Plan

YouTube is one of the biggest video platforms around. Its mission is to “give people a voice… the opportunity to share their stories and make a difference”. This provides a unique opportunity for marketers to have a real impact and make a difference to people’s daily lives. As YouTube has many paid tiers, you may want to consider this route.


If you’re looking to generate immediate leads and grow your business, you may want to consider using advertorials. That’s right—not standard ads, but content sponsored by someone or something else (in this case, your product or service) in order to generate leads. The name comes from the concept of “paid content”. Since these columns are essentially sponsored content, you may want to consider asking a reputable agency to help you craft a successful advertorial strategy.

Email Marketing

Although content marketing is becoming an increasingly popular option for marketers, email marketing continues to be effective. In fact, according to HubSpot Blogs, email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tactics used today. Why? Well, it’s because people are more receptive to offers and information sent via email rather than social media or web browsing. If your email strategy is missing a key element, it may be hurting your overall marketing efforts.

To put it simply, email marketing needs to be measurable and accountable, otherwise, it’s simply a vanity metric. If you’re looking to take your email marketing to the next level, you may want to explore automated email campaigns, which allow you to deploy mass emails efficiently and effectively.

Demographics & Retargeting

It’s important to know who your audience is and what they want. For instance, if you know that people in Los Angeles have a certain profile and are interested in fashion, you may want to consider targeting ads to this group.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Did you know that 80% of people visit the first page of search results on Google? That’s right, SEO is crucial to ensuring you show up when someone types in what they want. If you want to see your website in the top results of a Google search, you need to optimize it for search engines like Google and Bing.

There are a few basic steps you can follow to make your site more search engine friendly.

1. Ensure your site is secure from hackers—this means taking precautions such as using a good password and keeping your site updated with the latest security measures.

2. Create content that ranks well in search engines—content that is informative and relevant to your target audience will naturally rise to the top. If you’re looking to dominate the search results for a certain keyword, you may want to take the time to craft quality content for that keyword.

3. Use keywords effectively—this involves using relevant keywords in your content and in your titles. If you want to find the best results when a user types in a certain keyword, you need to incorporate that keyword into your content.

Some key phrases have high search volumes while others have low search volumes. It’s important to find the right mix of keywords so you can optimize your site for the right audience.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Did you know that 90% of people use social media? That’s right—SMM is all the rage these days. According to HubSpot Blogs, “the ROI for some businesses is upwards of 100%”. Why? Well, it’s simple—people like sharing and engaging with content that is relevant and useful to them.

To generate leads and grow your business, you can use various platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to reach your audience. In addition, you can also use services like Google Analytics to track the success of your social media campaigns.

Content Creation

Perhaps the most important step in the digital marketing process is content creation. Even before you begin your SEO work, you need to have content that can rank well in the search engines.

There are a variety of ways you can get content and take advantage of the trendiest topics around. You can: