How to Make Your Business More Visible in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places you can imagine. For those who love the warm sunny weather, the stunning landscapes, and the lively nightlife, there are plenty of reasons to visit the islands. One place you may not have visited though is the state’s bureaucracy. We ranked the state as having the 11th most cumbersome procedures in the country. Just to start a new business in Hawaii, you need to navigate around 300 pages of red tape. To top it off, the process is so drawn out that it can take years to complete. If you’re looking to make your business more visible in Hawaii, here’s how you can do it quickly and legally.

Apply For A License

To legally operate a business in Hawaii, you need to obtain a license from the state’s Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. To get this license, you need to fill out an online form, and then wait for a bureaucrat to review your application. At the least, the process will take a few weeks to get approved. Once you have the license, other bureaucrats in the department will be able to help you establish your business. You can find more details about operating a business in Hawaii at

Establish Your Business Entity

If you already have a business in another state, you can use that entity to establish an LLC in Hawaii. This process is a little more complex than just filing for a license, but it’s still not a difficult one. You have to draft a business plan, and if you’re lucky, the process will take only a few hours to a day to complete. Once your official business documents are approved, you can move forward with setting up your shop in Hawaii. You can find more information about this process at

Choose A Name

For those looking to make their businesses more visible, one of the easiest ways to do so is to choose an uncluttered, and fairly simple to remember name. If you go with a more unique name, it will help make your business stand out in the marketplace, and help potential customers find you more easily. Additionally, you can use your company’s website to promote your business. If you run a small business, you can also create a blog and include pertinent information about your industry. Many businesses have found that blogging about their experience has helped them gain a broader audience, and has ultimately led to greater sales.

Get A Logo And Branding

Once you have a unique name for your company, you can move forward with establishing your logo and branding. To do this, visit the state’s department of commerce and consumer affairs again, and this time, ask about obtaining a business trademark. To legally register a trademark in Hawaii, you need to provide the state with a logo, and a brand. The process is relatively simple and can take only a few days to a week to complete. Once your logo and branding are approved by the state, other businesses in your industry may come to regard you as the authority on the subject, and may even reference your brand when describing their products or services. This can also help establish you as an expert in your industry, and help drive traffic to your website. The final step in this process is to write a business plan. Get some expert help if you need it.

Incorporate In Hawaii

One of the biggest barriers to doing business in Hawaii is the state’s cumbersome incorporation process. In order to incorporate your business in Hawaii, you need to do so through an attorney. This process is legal and very simple to follow. However, it’s still a very expensive and time-consuming one. You first need to pay a $75 filing fee. Then, you need to wait for the paperwork to be processed, which can take up to two weeks. During this time, you cannot make any transactions with the company. Once the paperwork is approved, you can begin operating your business, and can hire more employees as needed.

Dealing With Realtors

One of the major downsides to living in Hawaii is having to do business with realtors. If you want to sell your home or any other property, you need to go through a realtor. The good thing is that most realtors are very good at what they do, and can negotiate some great deals for their clients. The problem is that you need to go through at least three different realtors to get the best price for your home. This can be a frustrating experience, and it’s one that probably costs you a few thousand dollars in commission fees. If you want to save money on realty fees, you can try using the services of a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) realtor. This is a person who will work on commission, so you don’t have to pay any fees at all, but you have to negotiate everything yourself. You should research possible FSBOs in your area before making a decision, as there are many pitfalls that you need to avoid if you want to save money while buying your home. If you want to make your business more visible in Hawaii, getting rid of realtors can be a great way to achieve that.

Hiring Licensed Contractors

Hawaii is a state where many people like to work on their boats. If you have a boat, you need to make sure that it is properly maintained. This involves taking care of the marine industry’s required gear and equipment, such as the vessel’s registration papers, insurance policies, and so on. In order to properly do this, you need to make sure that the contractors you choose have the required licenses and paperwork. Before making any payments, be sure that the contractor is properly licensed and insured. It’s also a good idea to ask for references and check the contractor’s online reviews before making a decision.

Red Tape

One of the main reasons why Hawaii is ranked as having the 11th most cumbersome procedures in the country is because of the state’s bureaucratic red tape. In order to start a business in Hawaii, you need to go through at least 300 pages of red tape. Even after you have the license and established your business, other bureaucrats will keep you busy with more paperwork. If you’re looking to reduce the amount of red tape in your life, and you want to make your business more visible, one option is to hire a lobbyist. A good lobbyist can take on the task of navigating your corporation’s paperwork, and can help get you through this process as quickly and easily as possible.

Hawaii is a gorgeous place to live and work. In order to legally run a business, you need to navigate around 300 pages of red tape. To make your corporation more visible, you can hire a lobbyist who can help navigate this process, or you can apply for a license, establish your business entity, and begin operating your business.