Liberty Tax Service – The Marketing Director’s Guide to Online Products

The role of marketing in transforming a company into a successful, sustainable business has never been more important. After the pandemic, businesses across the world are looking to become more eco-friendly and cost-effective, while at the same time seeking to grow their audiences.

Many companies are realizing that marketing with digital and online tactics is the key to survival and growth in this new world order.

What started as a method of disseminating propaganda during World War II has become an essential tool in every marketer’s toolkit. Not only does digital marketing provide the opportunity to target the right audience with customized content, but it also offers the chance to measure the impact of marketing activities to prove (or disprove) the success of certain campaigns.

Why Is Marketing So Important?

Marketing has always been important because companies need to bring in revenue to stay afloat. After the pandemic, this need has become acute. Companies that can successfully market themselves can establish themselves as a reliable brand and become more cost-effective, while reducing their environmental impact.

The economic and social benefits of marketing are numerous. For example, the International Council on Marketing and Advertising found that marketing activities can increase a business’ profit margins by 11% on average and even up to 19% in some cases.

In addition to boosting profitability, marketing can also play a crucial role in a business’ success by driving traffic, sales, and growth. According to HubSpot Blogs research, companies that perform marketing activities see a 26% increase in unique visitors, a 17% increase in sales, and a 32% increase in growth.

While marketing has always been about sales and lead generation, the role of marketing is becoming broader as more companies adopt digital marketing and online tactics. According to HubSpot Blogs research, companies that perform marketing activities see a 26% increase in unique visitors, a 17% increase in sales, and a 32% increase in growth.

What Is Marketing?

Marketing can be defined as the process of communicating a product or service to consumers through various platforms like radio, television, and the internet. Traditional marketing through newspapers and magazines is still prevalent, but today’s marketers use every platform available.

Even before the pandemic, marketers used to regularly monitor online reviews, analyze traffic, and test marketing strategies. However, during the pandemic, marketing took on a whole new dimension.

In order to survive and thrive in this new world order, marketers had to adapt and adjust to the new digital realities. This new way of working requires a different mindset and approach.

How To Think Like A Marketer In 2019

If you’re looking to succeed as a marketer in the new world order, here are some valuable tips to think like a marketer and work effectively in this new era of marketing.

1. Know Your Audience

Just because your product is digital or online based, this does not mean your audience will automatically be familiar with or use the products. Like any other form of marketing, marketing for digital products requires an understanding of your audience. You need to know who you’re aiming your marketing efforts at and why you’re choosing to target this specific audience.

Depending on your product, you may have to do some research to understand your consumers’ needs and behaviors. You can also consult with experts, industry publications, and forums to better understand your target audience’s needs and where they’re hanging out online.

2. Always Be Testing

The digital marketing world is constantly evolving and changing. One of the key ways marketers have adapted to the new digital era is by being constantly testing. As a marketer, your job is to drive traffic and conversions, and the only way to do this is by testing different marketing tactics and approaches. This means constantly analyzing the results of your campaigns to determine what’s working and what’s not.

Some of the most famous marketers, such as Richard Branson, have even stated that experimentation is the key to success in marketing. The problem is that not all experimentation leads to success. So, you have to be sure that you carefully consider your findings and analyze the results before you continue with a new strategy.

3. Measure & Analyze

It’s essential to track the results of your marketing efforts. Just like with any other part of your business, you need to determine whether your marketing activities are paying off and if you’re achieving the outcomes you’re looking for. The only way to do this is through measurement and analysis. In the new era of marketing, measurement and analysis have taken on a whole new dimension. You’ll have to decide whether you’re going to measure traditional metrics like leads, download numbers, and sales – or whether you’re going to look at metrics that relate specifically to your digital marketing activities.

It’s also essential to look at the bigger picture. While you might achieve short-term results from a direct mail campaign, if you don’t track the results of your overall marketing efforts, you’ll never be able to determine the true success of a particular initiative.

4. Be Adaptable

Just because your product is digital or online based, this does not mean that all of your marketing activities will be done online. In fact, you’ll probably need to adjust and innovate to fit the new era. Even though your marketing may be online-based, you need to be prepared to engage with your audience in different ways.

5. Re-evaluate

Depending on your product, you might have to re-evaluate your marketing strategy and approach once or twice a year. As your product evolves and changes, so does your marketing strategy and approach. Even though your product may be perfectly suitable for a particular audience, this may no longer be the case. In these situations, you need to determine whether you need to make any adjustments or re-direct your efforts.

If you’re looking to succeed as a marketer in the new world order, know that adapting and learning from experience is essential. In the last decade, we’ve seen the role of marketing evolve from simply driving sales to also creating demand, inspiring action, and nurturing long-term brand engagements. As the world changes and evolves with the new digital era, marketers will continue to evolve and change with it.