How to Tell Jokes About Online Marketing

Whether you’re leading a marketing department, own a marketing agency, or work for an online marketing company, you’ll have to entertain your customers and prospects at some point. Whether you’re presenting at a conference, hosting a dinner party, or need something to brighten up an otherwise dull day, these jokes will help you make the most of your situation.

The Slap Chop

Three food critics are traveling in a remote area when their car breaks down. To make matters worse, they’re starving since they skipped lunch. Hoping for a ride to a nearby town, they walk up to a charming old gentleman with a long white beard. With a warm smile, the old man extends his hand and says, “How may I help you?” The first critic replies, “Our car broke down and we’re hoping you could give us a lift to the nearest town. We’ve got food critics among us and we’re pretty sure you’ll taste terrific.” The old man replies, “Well since you’re all food critics, I’ll give you a ride, but first, let me consult the Oracle. Please wait here, and I’ll be back with your dinner tickets within the hour.” He consults his oracle, and a few minutes later, returns with the three delicious-looking dinners he prepared for them. Grateful for the elderly driver’s kindness, the trio offers him a huge tip. He waves his hand and says, “No, don’t worry about it. Consider it payment for the ride.”

Marketing to Babes

A pharmaceutical company that manufactures the drug for erectile dysfunction, Revatio, wants to market the drug to older men, especially those with erectile dysfunction. So the company hires a sexy, twenty-something actress to walk around and entertain the male population, especially those sixty and over. The actress’ name is Summer and she’s been hired to entertain the dudes as they come in with their prescriptions for erectile dysfunction drugs. Summer walks in her first outfit, a very sexy red bikini with black trim. The drug company loves what it sees and offers her a six-figure salary plus bonus. She seems reluctant to leave the beach, but after some prodding, she says she’ll consider the offer. Revatio’s marketing director, Joe, offers to drive her home and talks to her about living in LA. She seems interested, but doesn’t commit just yet.

The Hot Dog Vendor

It’s the middle of the night, and three men are eating a hot dog in a remote area when they spot an amazing hot dog stand in the distance. Hoping to impress their pals with a hot dog, the men make their way towards the stand. On the way, they pass a graveyard and notice some graves have been freshly dug up. Curious, the men look around to see if any ghosts are lurking. They walk closer to the hot dog stand and discover it’s run by a creepy, old man with a terrifying gaze. Afraid it will go down as a bad omen, the men turn and run back to the safety of their car. Unbeknownst to them, the old man has been watching their every move and knows exactly what they’re doing. Even now, he’s plotting to get their attention and make them pay for trespassing on his property. They may run, but they can’t hide. Soon, they’ll learn they’re not the only ones in town who want to eat their hot dog.

Matching Socks

It’s a freezing cold winter day and the young man has just purchased some socks from the most fashionable store in town. Looking for a way to keep his feet warm, he sets out to find the perfect match. In his search, he comes across a charming small shop. Hoping to keep his new socks at the perfect length, the young man walks in to have his foot measured. While the shop owner is busy measuring his foot to get his perfect length, the young man spots a pair of socks that he thinks will look awesome with his new trendy shoes. He asks the owner if he can try them on and the owner agrees. Once the socks are on his feet, they’re the perfect length and the fit is snug. Convinced something good will happen, the young man leaves the shop with his new found love and sets out to find the best present for his sweetheart.

Dress Receptions

A beautiful woman walks into a high-end clothing store and excitedly tells the salesgirl she just got engaged to be married. While the salesgirl is busy helping the customer, the beautiful woman notices a man looking at her from the other side of the store and signals to him she wants to meet him. The salesgirl brings the customer over and the couple exchange glances as the salesgirl continues to help the woman find something for the upcoming wedding reception. The customer decides to take the opportunity to propose and asks the beautiful woman if she’d like to marry him. She smiles and says, “Yes, I would.” He asks if she’ll accept his gift and she accepts. Confident he’ll be able to afford the ring she wants, the man pulls out a beautiful, ornamental broach and gives it to her. Excited to begin her married life with the man she loves, the beautiful woman wears the broach and feels confident she’ll be able to show it off to the world.

A Diamond Is Forever

A gorgeous woman is walking down the street when she spots a gleaming building. Thinking it’s a boutique or a jewelry store, the woman enters and discovers it’s an engraving shop. Excited about the beautiful work the engraver does, the woman decides to propose to the engraver. He starts to tell her they don’t do proposals in engraving, but she insists and gives him the perfect diamond he’s been working on. He smiles and tells her he’ll consider it a promise to marry her when he’s finished engraving the diamond. The woman is over the moon and heads home to tell her friends and family about her good fortune. As soon as the diamond is delivered and set in its surroundings, she’ll be able to show it off to the world.

These jokes will make you laugh, but they also serve a dual purpose. One, they let you know you’re not alone in this world. Two, they’ll make you think about online marketing in a new light. Whether you work in an office or remotely, these jokes can help you make the most of your situation. Thanks for reading! We hope these jokes make you laugh and inspire you to find creative ways to entertain your audience. If you have any other funny stories or examples of effective marketing, please feel free to share them with us. We’d love to hear from you!