11 Online Media Jobs You Can Actually Make Money At

With the rise of the #socialmedia revolution, more and more people are trying #theirluck online andearning money from home. As the go-to place for job search and industry information, Handyman jobs is a great place to start your research.

Whether you’re looking for your first or your tenth virtual job, Handyman jobs has you covered. Whether you want to start a blog or want to be a content creator for a social media platform, this site has you covered.

1. Blogger

Blogs came first, and they still exist today because people are making money from them. You can start a blog for free on anything from food to travel to politics to fitness, and you can use a variety of platforms to do so – including WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr.

Creating and maintaining a quality blog takes time and attention to detail, but the rewards can be significant.

You can use tools like Handyman jobs to research the economics of blogging. In general, the faster your site loads, the more money you’ll make. People want quick results and content that is easy to consume, so if you can satisfy those needs, you’re likely to make a good income from blogging. 

2. Journalist

If you have a general interest news site or a #socialsummer travel blog, you can test the economics of journalism with a quick trip to Handyman jobs. Just search for a specific city and country and, when you land on the results page, you’ll see a list of opportunities from print editorships to correspondent positions. 

The demand for journalists continues to grow, which means there is plenty of work to be had. If you have a burning desire to report on the facts rather than just the numbers, this is a good option for you.

3. Content Creator

If you are a highly skilled writer with a passion for technology, you can create content for a variety of industries, including software, gadgets, and e-commerce. If your articles are stylish, well-written, and unique, you can expect to command high value and high earnings. 

You can use Handyman jobs to identify content creation as a lucrative side gig. Although you won’t start making money right away, you can expect to earn fast money with a side hustle in content creation. 

4. Social Media Editor

If you are an editor for a popular social media platform like Twitter or Instagram, you can use your position to pursue a side gig. Although most social media editors work full time for platforms like Twitter and Instagram, hiring part-time or freelance editors is a cost-effective way for platforms to provide small budgets for specific tasks, like growing and curating a following.

If you have a strong knowledge of social media and a passion for data, you can use your position to track metrics like reach, engagement, and likes to create a ROI (Return on Investment). Not only will this be a profitable venture, but you’ll also learn a lot along the way.

5. Design Professional

Fancy yourself the “artistic” type with a talent for graphical design? You can make a decent living as a graphic designer, and Handyman jobs can point you in the right direction. If you have a portfolio of freelance work you have created, you can use this to secure a contract with a company or individual and develop a rapport with clients. 

Designing and creating infographics, logos, and other forms of visual content is one of the most in-demand gigs today. If you can establish your value as a creative and unique designer, you can expect to earn a good living.

6. Digital Marketer

If you want to make money online, the most direct route is through digital marketing. You’ll be promoting online stores, products, and services to gain eyeballs – and generate interest – which can, in turn, lead to transactions. 

The opportunity for freelance digital marketers is vast, from creating advertising campaigns to manage to gaining affiliate sales. If you do some research on the topic, you can find multiple opportunities and side gigs you can join to create a full-time income. And even if you do earn a living full-time, it’s still highly profitable and rewarding.

If you are a native English speaker, you can use your skills to write product descriptions for small breweries, wineries, and other whisky companies. These are often the type of jobs that will pay you to create and maintain a blog, too.

7. Social Media Analytics

If you want to make money from sporting events, you can keep an eye on social media during the event to spot trends and patterns. This is especially useful at major league sports teams where analytics fans can keep an eye on stats like reach and retweets to gain an edge in the trends games. 

As a paid social media analyst, you’ll be performing research and analyzing metrics like reach, comments, and likes to create reports for clients like sports teams, brands, and media companies.

8. Content Manager/Producer

Content managers work with journalists to coordinate and manage content for a variety of publications. They are often the ones responsible for creating all the content for a platform like Buzzfeed or Upworthy, as well as for creating and executing multi-million dollar marketing campaigns for large companies.

If you want to get into the content management business, you can use your skills to establish a base of work and then initiate a side hustle.  You can set up automated content creation platforms like Handyman jobs to quickly and easily produce content on demand. Most content managers and producers work remotely as self-employed consultants, which means you can set your own hours and manage your own workload.