Can You Get a Job Online Without Any Marketing Experience?

With the new year already started, it’s time to set goals and make plans. For those aiming to expand their career in the online marketing world, there are a variety of opportunities available to them, from freelance work to starting your own agency.

While the demand for online marketers and salespeople is expected to grow 34% year from 2020 to 2025, according to the digital marketing team at Dunnhumbey, there are still doubts as to whether or not you can get a job in marketing online without any previous experience.

Here, we will discuss some of the opportunities available to those looking to enter the field and how to make the most of them.

The Great Opportunity for Freelancers

It’s no secret that the demand for online marketers and salespeople is predicted to grow 34% year from 2020 to 2025, according to the digital marketing team at Dunnhumbey. With the Covid-19 pandemic prompting businesses to reevaluate their operations and marketing strategies, more than ever before, businesses are looking to scale back their marketing budgets while still reaching their audience.

But fear not, those aiming to enter the field of online marketing have opportunities aplenty to choose from. From working as a freelance marketer to founding your own agency, the world of online marketing is abuzz with career opportunities.

For those looking for a freelance opportunity, there are several platforms designed for marketing freelancers, such as Upwork, Fivrr, and MyJobMag. Upwork alone handles over 1.7 million jobs per month, making it the largest freelancing website in the world.

The benefit of a freelance marketing role is that you can build your portfolio and gain experience, regardless of whether you’re working with big brands or small businesses. Plus, you get to test out new marketing strategies and technologies without any risk of losing your job.

The Great Opportunity for Start-ups

If you’re looking to grow your career in the field of marketing and sales but want to avoid the hustle and bustle of working for a large corporation, you might want to consider starting your own agency.

The world of marketing and advertising is evolving, and traditional advertising agencies are scrambling to keep up. Luckily for you, startups and emerging businesses are looking for innovative ad agencies to help them grow their businesses.

To start your own marketing agency, you’ll need to first determine your target audience and discover their needs. With a clear idea of your target audience’s demographics and psychographics, you can craft marketing strategies that will resonate with this particular demographic.

By specializing in performance marketing, you can help businesses establish and maintain relationships with their customers, generating increased engagement, loyalty, and sales. Additionally, emerging markets like digital marketing have a tendency to be more flexible, so agencies specializing in this field can expect more freelance opportunities.

The Great Opportunity for Those Who Want to Test-Drive An Agency Life

If you’ve always dreamed of working in an agency but never thought you’d have a chance of getting a job, you’ve probably been mistaken. Through the power of COVID-19, many agencies have had to shut down, and those who have stayed open have moved to a remote-working model, which makes it much easier for them to hire freelancers.

Starting a digital marketing agency requires a certain amount of risk-taking and entrepreneurial spirit, and many marketers have seized the opportunity to get in on the ground-floor of a growing field.

With fewer barriers to entry, anyone can theoretically enter the world of digital marketing. What sets successful marketers apart is their knack for finding and engaging with their ideal audience. Having an idea of where to start and what to include in your marketing plan is essential if you want to see success in your endeavors.

The Demand for Online Marketers Continues To Grow

According to the 2020 edition of the Dunnhumbey Digital Market Survey, more than half of internet users have already searched for a job in marketing or sales, and 26% are planning to enter the field.

Additionally, the 2020 edition of the Dunnhumbey Digital Market Survey found that among users seeking marketing jobs, over a quarter are interested in a marketing career and nearly a fifth are interested in a sales job.

Since the beginning of the year, a number of high-profile businesses have publicly announced new marketing jobs, including Google, which announced plans to hire 1,000 new marketing employees across the world.

Though the pandemic has slowed the hiring spree, many businesses have already started to ramp up their marketing activities, meaning there are plenty of jobs available now.