Jason Butler: Online Advanced Marketing Course Review

I’m a big believer in teaching people everything they need to know about something, but not in a cheesy, “woah, you’re gonna know everything!” way. I believe that people can have amazing results without having all the answers, and so should you. That’s what makes this system so great—you’ll never know what will happen next!

The Advanced Marketing Online Course is an absolute wealth of information for anyone who’s interested in pursuing an online marketing career. This certification program can boost your earnings by $20,000 or more annually, according to Cyber-Advisor. The course can also provide you with the knowledge and tools to become an indispensable part of your company’s marketing department.

An Impeccable Overview Of Digital Marketing

From the very beginning, you’ll be amazed at how much this course will teach you. The curriculum is vast and constantly growing, with each new lesson taking you a step closer to your goal of becoming a successful online marketer. Whether you’re looking to break into the industry or are well on your way, the course will give you all the tools you need.

The course starts off with a bang, teaching you the basics of online marketing, including everything from Google Analytics to Website positioning (which will make a lot of sense in a minute). From there, you’ll dive into Email Marketing and Campaign Management, where you’ll learn how to create beautifully designed emails to pitch to your audience and grow your subscriber list. You’ll also learn how to choose the right industry and niche for your product or service, as well as the importance of building a brand voice and tone of voice.

Even if you have a good handle on the basics of marketing, you’ll learn a lot from this course. Cybersuccess.com, an authority in digital marketing trainings, put it this way: “One of the things that makes this course so valuable is that it goes beyond the basics of marketing to cover all the important aspects of what you need to know about getting online with a marketing plan.”

In addition to teaching you the nuts and bolts of marketing, the course provides you with the opportunity to dive deeper into the subject. Along with your instructor, you’ll have access to an expert team of mentors who can help guide you on your way to success. And just like that, you’re officially an expert in online marketing.

The Biggest Opportunity In Online Marketing

Here’s something that might surprise you: according to MarketWatch, there are more than 450 million American consumers online. And the number is growing by the day. With so many potential customers online, it’s essential that you learn how to target them and speak their language. This is where the ROI on your investments in SEO and content marketing come in.

If you want to learn how to market your product or service online, the fastest and most efficient way to do so is through digital marketing. Put simply, digital marketing is the use of digital tools and technology to market a product or service. This could include Facebook ads, retargeting ads on Google, or any other form of online advertising.

Now, you might be thinking that since you’re learning about digital marketing, you’ll have to learn about all of these tools and platforms. And you’d be right but it’s not so much about knowing the tools, as much as it is about knowing how to use them effectively. It’s important to understand the theory behind each platform and how to apply it to your own digital marketing efforts. So, while there might be a lot to learn, you’ll quickly see the benefits.

The Best Marketing Tool Kit In 2020

Speaking of seeing the benefits immediately, here’s a good news/bad news scenario for you: depending on how you look at it, the digital marketing industry is either undergoing a boom or a bust. But either way, one thing is for sure: it’s changing pretty fast.

For the better, you’ll be able to find numerous tools and technologies that can increase your productivity as a digital marketer. For example, HubSpot, a marketing automation and collaboration platform, reports that there are now more than 30 tools inside its product that can help you manage your entire marketing workflow, from idea to execution. Similarly, MobeWorld, another leading digital marketing software, notes that with each new update, its software becomes more powerful and helps you to perform tasks more efficiently.

Now, the flip side of the industry is also seeing a boom. Cost-effective marketing platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads have made it easier for businesses of all sizes to gain exposure online and attract customers.

Despite these advantages, the industry as a whole is still seeing a significant shakeout. According to the Global Market Share Database, in 2019, digital marketing platforms occupied the following shares of the overall market:

  • Social media – 36.3%
  • Search engine optimization, or SEO – 24.9%
  • Email marketing – 17.3%
  • Online advertising – 4.7%
  • Display advertising – 2.9%

As you can see, despite the advantages that these digital marketing platforms provide, not everyone will be able to capitalize on them as much as they might think. The good news is there are alternative ways to gain traction in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

How To Market Your Product Or Service Online

Ultimately, whether you choose to break into the industry or are well on your way, becoming a successful online marketer is all about following a proven process. It begins with defining your target audience and deciding what you’ll offer them that they hadn’t found elsewhere. Only then can you develop an idea of how to present yourself to them and what type of content to produce to attract the right audience. This is the approach digital marketers have taken, and it’s worked for them.

To that end, let’s explore how to market your product or service online.

1. Define your target audience

As previously stated, the number of potential customers online is growing by the day. This presents an opportunity to anyone who chooses to pursue online marketing, but it also means there’s a massive field of potential customers who need your product or service. As a marketer, this is where you come in—by defining your target audience, you’ll be able to choose the right marketing approach and content for them.

2. Choose the right platform

Even if you’ve got the perfect product for the world, if no one knows you exist, you won’t be able to promote it. Before you start your journey as an online marketer, it’s essential that you learn the proper way to find your customers and the most effective platforms to reach them on.

Some of the most popular social media channels include Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Depending on your niche, you might also consider creating accounts on BizEaze, Linkedin, and blogging platforms like WordPress and Medium.

When developing your marketing strategy, it’s important to decide whether you’ll use digital marketing channels or a mix of both. Ultimately, it depends on your target audience. If you want to reach the most people possible with your content, you’ll likely want to create and promote content on social media channels.

On the other hand, if your target audience is more affluent and/or has a lot of digital presence already, you may choose to develop and promote content specifically for online portals. In that case, you might want to explore digital marketing blogs as a way to attract potential customers.

3. Create a buyer persona

To truly understand your target audience’s needs and wants, you must first create a buyer persona. A buyer persona is a fictional character designed to represent a particular type of customer. You can use this character to help you choose the right products and to structure your content strategy.

As a marketer, you’ll need to become an expert at creating buyer personas. And that’s not a bad thing! An understanding of buyer personas allows you to empathize with your target audience, understand their needs and wants, and create content that they’ll value and benefit from.

4. Create a marketing plan

Once you’ve defined your target audience and chosen the right platforms, it’s time to put everything in writing. This is where your marketing plan comes in. A marketing plan is a comprehensive document that includes everything from your target audience analysis to budget requirements. You can use this plan to guide everything you do as a digital marketer.

A well-thought-out marketing plan will go through every aspect of your marketing campaign, including;