Integrated Marketing Managers/Online Media Description – What’s the Difference?

The Evolving Role of Integrated Marketing Managers

Once considered the territory of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Marketing departments can now be found across organizations. The responsibilities of a Chief Marketing Officer have evolved to include business-to-business marketing strategies, multichannel marketing tasks, and online media management.

Further Evolution: From Offline to Online Media

In the past, customers would visit a business’ website, look at its online catalog, and then perhaps make a call or come in for a visit. But now, digital consumers can research online, discover products, and purchase goods without leaving the comfort of their homes.

As a result, marketing departments have shifted their focus from primarily “traditional” media, like billboards and television ads, to “newer” platforms, like email, websites, and mobile applications (apps).

The Growing Importance of Digital Marketing

According to HubSpot Blogs research, 86% of marketers plan to allocate more of their budget to digital marketing in 2022. Furthermore, HubSpot Blogs found that 57% of marketers think mobile marketing budgets will increase, while 28% plan to spend more on email marketing.

These figures suggest that marketers place a higher value on digital marketing activities, especially as more customers use mobile devices to access the internet and as email marketing continues to grow as a channel.

Integrated Marketing Managers: the Key to Effective Marketing

An integrated marketing manager is someone who is responsible for the market-related functions of a company. This could include marketing activities such as advertising, public relations, and sales; or it could focus on product management and procurement, market research, business strategy, and analysis. Essentially, an integrated marketing manager is responsible for the overall performance of a business, brand, or product.

An integrated marketing manager can be found at the top of virtually every organization chart. However, not all marketing managers are created equal. While a company’s Chief Marketing Officer may be responsible for marketing functions, a marketing department may still be led by an individual who is responsible for specific products or projects.

An effective marketing manager will be tasked with the following: