How to Use Pinterest for Online Marketing

Pinterest is one of the favorite social media platforms of today’s generation. Launched in 2010, the picture-sharing site allows individuals to “pin” images – essentially create mini-websites – on their own Pinterest pages. The more followers someone has on Pinterest, the more people will stumble upon that individual’s content when they are searching for a topic or idea on the platform.

Since Pinterest is such a popular platform, it’s an excellent choice for online marketers looking to boost their visibility online. However, instead of simply using Pinterest to build your audience, you can utilize the tool to grow your business and generate leads.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can use Pinterest for online marketing. We’ll cover everything from SEO to content curation, so you can grow your business and take advantage of this popular social media platform.

The Basics of Pinterest for Online Marketing

If you’re new to Pinterest or simply want to learn more about the platform, here’s a quick tutorial on how to use the popular social media site for marketing.

First, you’ll need to create a free Pinterest account. You can do this at any time on the platform’s homepage. If you need help or have trouble logging in, visit Pinterest’s support site for assistance. Once you have a Pinterest account, you can navigate to your account’s dashboard. Here, you can view your boards, add new boards, and edit existing ones. Additionally, you can follow, unfollow, or check the privacy settings of any account you’re connected with.

Speaking of connected accounts, you can connect your LinkedIn account to Pinterest to gain access to even more features. When you log in with your LinkedIn account, you’ll see a message directing you to connect with Pinterest. Once you’re connected, you can view your followers and follow those users on Pinterest who’ve followed you on LinkedIn.

SEO For Pinterest

Since Pinterest is a major social media site, it follows that you can use SEO techniques to improve your content’s visibility on the platform. A popular SEO strategy is link building. On Pinterest, you can literally link to anything. That being said, you should focus on building links to high-quality content. When a potential customer clicks on your link, they’ll be landing on high-quality content that is authoritative and helpful.

To optimize your content for the most accurate keywords, you could use free tools like Google Keyword Planner, which you can access from your Google Ads dashboard. Once you enter a keyword or two, the tool will return a list of suggested keywords and phrases that you can use to optimize your content. Remember to keep your keywords and phrases natural and relevant to your target audience.

Learn From Others

One of the best things about Pinterest is how quickly you can find and repin content from others. If you want to grow your business, you’ll eventually need to learn how to curate content and how to think like a publisher. Instead of simply replying to and linking to other people’s content, you can use Pinterest to discover unique and valuable information that you can repackage and use to generate more leads and sales.

Content Curation For Pinterest

While you can link to any content on the web, not all of it will be useful or relevant to your target audience. The best content curation strategy on Pinterest is to find and repin relevant and informative content that will help your audience grow their business.

To accomplish this, you can use a tool like Klaviyo, which provides you with a single dashboard that allows you to manage all of your social media activity across platforms like Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. From one place, you can track the performance of your content across platforms and measure its impact on your business’ growth.

Growing Your Audience On Pinterest

One of the best things about Pinterest for marketers is how fast you can grow your audience. According to HubSpot Blogs research, 64% of consumers have changed their opinion of a brand after viewing product content on Pinterest. If you’re looking to expand your reach and be seen by more people, Pinterest is an excellent place to do so.

To create a buzz or to build excitement around your brand, you can simply pin your product shots and infographics to garner interest. You can also repin popular blogs and news articles to expand your audience.

As you grow your audience on Pinterest, you can use the platform’s analytics to identify those users and gain valuable insights into your content’s performance. For example, if you notice that your live video gets the most views, you’ll know that this is a valuable tactic and may wish to incorporate more of these videos into your content strategy. This knowledge can help you become more successful on the platform.

Final Takeaway

If you’re looking to grow your business, you have a number of platforms to choose from. While Facebook is still the king when it comes to user engagement, there are other social media sites that can help you reach your audience and generate leads. One of the most popular sites is Pinterest. With its easy-to-use interface and quick growth, it’s an excellent choice for content curation.