How to Sell Online with Affiliate Marketing

Is there a dream job you’ve always wanted to do? Perhaps you’ve wanted to be an artist and paint, or write a book and become the best-selling author or publisher you can be. Or perhaps you’d just like to fall in love and live happily ever after with a partner or spouse. Whatever your reason for wanting to be an independent author or publisher, you can be one! All you need is a computer or laptop, a decent internet connection, and the willingness to learn.

The difference between doing business as an individual or corporation and operating as a limited liability company (LLC) is that while the first two are legally separate and distinct personal entities, the third is a legal fiction. For more information, please consult an accountant or lawyer. (If you’re looking to form an LLC, use our free business starter kit to launch your company


finishing powder.)

Once you have your dream job, it’s time to get to work. You’ll need a plan to make it happen. Luckily for you, we’re going to lay out the steps to follow to become the best-selling indie author or publisher you can be.

Step one: Decide what you’re going to write.

We bet you’ve been dreaming about this step. It’s the most exciting part! Before you start writing a word, you should have a clear idea of what you’re going to write. Are you going to write a novel, a self-help book, a how-to-guide for artists, bloggers, or YouTube creators?

There are many successful indie authors and publishers who’ve made their name by writing success stories. Whether you decide to write a novel about a young girl who turns her life around and becomes a positive role model or an inspirational tale, or you opt to pen a handbook for YouTube creators, you’re sure to create something that will inspire others.

Step two: Create an online storefront.

If you’re planning on selling physical goods (such as T-shirts, mugs, or posters) to support your work, then you should consider creating an online store to promote and sell your products. It’s the simplest and most cost-effective way of doing business if you’re planning to have products for sale online. (You can use Etsy, which we recommend, or create your own shop hosted on a professional webserver.)

You may also choose to create a virtual store, where customers can browse your products and make purchases without having to visit a real-life shop. (For example, if you sell jewelry, you may want to set up a virtual shop where customers can browse your products and make purchases online.)

Step three: Start a blog.

Did you know that a blog can be a very effective tool in your quest to become a successful indie author or publisher? We bet you didn’t know that having a blog can actually be advantageous in your business plan. It’s not just a nice shiny badge that you can put on your website to show the world your blog exists. It’s something much more valuable than that!

The truth is that a healthy blog can do much more than just bring in the business. It can also be a tool to attract followers, generate leads, and engage with potential customers.

Step four: Spread the word via social media.

Did you know that having an active presence on social media can also be extremely beneficial in your business? We’re not just talking about getting a few thousand followers on your Twitter account and calling it a day. Did you know that you can actually make a successful business out of being active on social media? It’s not as scary as you might think! (Although, having a large following on social media does make you more visible to potential customers and could boost your business significantly.)

The truth is that being active on social media can do much more than just bring in the business. It can also be a tool to attract followers, generate leads, and engage with potential customers.

You can use social media to announce new blog posts, new products, and anything else that you might want to promote. For best results, schedule postings at least once or twice a week and participate in relevant discussions.

Step five: Measure the success of your plan.

Do you ever wonder how some companies can go from strength to strength while others struggle to find their footing? The difference between those that succeed and those that struggle is not always clear-cut. One thing is for sure: neither you nor we will know how effective your plan is, or if it’s even working, until you measure it.

So, in order to determine if your plan is going according to plan, you’ll need to take some time to measure its effectiveness. First, look to metrics such as visits to your site, social media activity (e.g., interactions on Facebook), and orders for physical products (e.g., through an Etsy shop).

You can also look to qualitative measures such as customer surveys and case studies to get a clear idea of how effective your plan is. (Be sure to look at other sites and blogs in your niche to see how they’re tackling similar problems and what works and doesn’t work for them.)

As you can see, there are many ways to measure the success of your plan. It’s important to look at all of them and understand how each one can affect your business.