6 Free Online Direct Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Whether you are starting a new business or are simply looking to take your current marketing efforts to the next level, there are several options available to you online. Some of these tools are free, others are inexpensive, and some are paid for.

These tools can be used to distribute catalogs, post news articles, run ads, or start a magazine—all with the click of a button. You can even use certain tools to create and distribute your own emails.

Small businesses that want to be successful in today’s market need to get the most out of their marketing budget. That means using the best tools available to grow their businesses. Fortunately, the internet makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to connect with potential customers and increase their productivity. With these six free tools, you can take your marketing to the next level.

MailChimp For Attaching Documents As Attachments

MailChimp is one of the best-known email marketing platforms designed specifically for small businesses. They offer a free starter plan that can be used to send up to 2,000 emails per month to subscribers. Once you’re on their platform, you can effortlessly attach files such as marketing materials (e.g., brochures, flyers, posters, etc.), product catalogs, and more.

One of the unique things about MailChimp is that it integrates with other services, such as Dropbox, so you can easily upload and send files directly from within the platform. This is a major time saver for busy companies, as it takes away the chore of having to email files to people or having them physically bring them to the company.

HubSpot For Creating Marketing Material

If you’re looking for a free online tool for creating marketing material, then HubSpot is the best option. With HubSpot, you can create both emails and web content from within the platform and then easily distribute those materials to your mailing list or website.

One of the unique things about HubSpot is that you can create and design your own templates, and when you’re done, you can simply click a button to have an email or web piece instantly appear on your behalf. This is great for companies that want to take the DIY approach to marketing and want to avoid using pre-made templates.

Since HubSpot is a relatively new service, it still has some kinks to work out. However, for companies looking to create marketing materials, it’s definitely a must-try.

ConvertKit For Affiliate Marketing

ConvertKit is a tool specifically designed for affiliates who want to earn commissions from the sales of other companies’ products and services. For example, if you’re an affiliate marketer for Hasbro and want to promote their board game, Monopoly, you can use ConvertKit to create a custom landing page where you’ll promote the game. When a user clicks the link to play, they’ll be taken to Hasbro’s site, where they’ll be automatically opted into receiving email updates about the game.

This is a great option for affiliates who want to promote products and services that they’ve been hired to promote. It can also be used for customer acquisition, as users can enter their email address when they purchase a product that you’re promoting.

Viral Marketing For Content Creation

Viral Marketing will help you get the word out about your business by using online tools to automatically generate content to attract and engage an audience. Essentially, your business will be represented by an online persona, and that persona will then engage with customers, attracting them to your business and its products or services. The goal is to grow a business, not to just sell a product.

This is a fairly new service and still has a lot of kinks to work out. However, it’s a tool that many businesses have turned to when they want to quickly and easily grow their businesses via internet marketing.

Buffer For Content Distribution

Buffer is a popular tool among content creators who want to distribute their content online. What sets Buffer apart from other online distribution tools is that it was designed with creators in mind. This means that its toolsets and functions were built with content creation in mind.

Creators can use this tool to set up automatic content updates, with new content appearing in mass email campaigns or Facebook posts at the click of a button. The tool is extremely popular among creators who want to get their work out into the world, and with good reason!

You can use Buffer to create and distribute your email campaigns, set up Facebook and Instagram accounts for your business, and even create automated websites with content updates.

ClickFunnels For Lead Generation And Product Sales

ClickFunnels is a landing page builder that was designed for marketing professionals who want to build a custom landing page, capture leads, and convert them into paying customers.

The tool is completely free, and all you need to create a landing page is a URL, which you can get from any domain registrar (e.g., Google, GoDaddy, etc.). This is a major time saver for businesses, as you can create a landing page in a matter of minutes and then edit it to fit your needs.

Lead generation is one of the most important aspects of any business. It’s the first step in the conversion process, and many companies have invested heavily in lead generation platforms, also known as lead management tools, to help them manage their leads.

Product sales is another important aspect of any business. Whether you’re selling a product online or in person, having a good sales strategy in place can make the difference between success and failure. That’s why so many businesses have turned to online sales platforms, where they can perform all their sales activities, from marketing to customer service to payment processing to shipping and follow-ups.

ClickFunnels is a popular choice among businesses that want to perform online commerce, as it makes selling a product quite easy. All you need to do is set up a landing page, write a sales message, and then create a drop-down menu with the products you want to sell. When a user chooses a product from the menu, they’ll be taken to a web page with more information about that product.

On this page, you can include your company’s logo, pricing information, testimonials, and more.

Then, you can set up email autoresponders so that when a user clicks a product and buys it, they’ll be automatically emailed a receipt and other important information.

Infusionsoft For Marketing Automation

Last but not least, we have Infusionsoft, which is an all-in-one email marketing platform designed for business growth. It can be used to create email marketing campaigns, automate email responses, and track the performance of those campaigns.

This tool is also widely used by SMEs and marketing teams that want to take their marketing to the next level. It can be used to create automated email programs that reach and engage an audience via multiple email marketing platforms, like MailChimp and Google Hangouts.

The great thing about Infusionsoft is that you can integrate other services, like Google Analytics, so you can track the performance of your email campaigns and automate future emails based on what you learn from analysis of previous campaigns.

Now, you might be wondering which one of these six tools is best for your business. That depends on what you need. If you’re simply looking to send emails to customers, then MailChimp is the right tool for the job. It’s free, and you can use it to send up to 2,000 emails per month to your subscribers.

For businesses that want to promote their products online, ConvertKit is the ultimate tool. Not only can you create automated email campaigns, but you can also create web content and social media marketing material (e.g., webinars, YouTube videos, etc.) and then distribute those materials to attract new customers and grow your business.

If you’re looking to take your marketing to the next level, then consider Infusionsoft. It can integrate with other services and has all the features you need at an affordable price point.