Free Online SEO Courses: What You Need to Know

With the continued growth of online marketing, it’s important to stay abreast of the latest trends and knowledge. One of these is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Knowing how to properly utilize SEO to promote your business on the web can be a powerful tool, but unless you follow the right steps, you can do more harm than good.

Luckily, there are now numerous free SEO courses available online, so you can learn the basics of SEO without risking your financial security or wasting countless hours. Below, you’ll discover a list of the best free SEO courses that can help you get started the right way.

The Best Free Online SEO Courses

With so much information available online, it’s important to not only be accessible, but to offer knowledge that will truly benefit your potential clients. Below, you’ll discover a list of the best free online SEO courses that can teach you the foundations of SEO, prepare you for the Google SEO Certificate, and help you find success as a freelance SEO consultant. So, let’s take a look at the courses and the advantages of each.

The Basics of SEO

The basics of SEO are highly-overlapping, and that’s a good thing. When you become familiar with these basic principles and strategies, you’ll be able to create a powerful foundation for your SEO work. If you’ve ever worked with SEO before, then this course will familiarize you with the terminology and concepts that you’re already used to.

The first step in the SEO process is to create a site map. A site map is a critical part of any SEO strategy because it provides a visual representation of the structure of your website. Having a site map improves the usability of your site, since users don’t have to hunt for content as they do on a traditional website. A well-designed site map takes time to get used to, but it’s worth it.

Search Engine Optimization For Websites & Blogs

If you’re looking to learn how to properly optimize a website or blog for the Google search engine, then this is the course for you. Using key words and targeted phrases, course instructors Will Dean and Michael Gray will teach you the ins and outs of how to build a profitable SEO strategy for your website or blog.

The specialization of this course is geared towards digital marketers, website owners, and bloggers who want to better understand how to properly use SEO to effectively promote their business on the web.

SEO For Freelancers & Independent Contractors

This course is specifically designed for freelance SEO consultants and independent contractors who want to gain a better understanding of the SEO process and how to effectively bill for their time.

Building and optimizing a profitable SEO strategy for a variety of clients is something that this course will help you do, and it will also prepare you to properly present your proposals to potential clients. This course is a must for any SEO consultant or freelancer who wants to grow their business and be able to support themselves financially.

Google SEO Certificate

One of the most reputable and best-known SEO firms in the world is Google, and they’ve created a specialized certification to help individuals succeed as SEO consultants and freelancers. To receive the Google SEO Certificate, you must complete the Google SEO Certificate course, acquire at least 65 points, and write a 500-word article on a specific topic related to SEO. If you meet the requirements, then you’ll get your very own Google SEO badge, which you can add to your website or blog.

The Google SEO certificate is one of the most recognized SEO certifications, and it is highly valued by companies and hiring managers alike. If you’re looking to become a member of the SEO community, then this is the perfect first step.

SEO For Dummies

This course is for complete beginners who want to learn the basics of SEO. With no prior knowledge required, you’ll be able to follow along and understand what’s being said regardless of your experience level. This is a great course if you’re looking for an easy-to-follow guide to get you started with SEO on your own website or blog. It doesn’t get any simpler than this – just follow the steps and you’ll be able to get results!

Get Started Now!

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