5 Free Online Certificate Programs in Marketing

Interested in a career in marketing? There are a variety of certificate programs available online that can help you get started in the field.

Certificate in Digital Marketing

Are you looking for a flexible schedule? The Certificate in Digital Marketing from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln allows you to take your studies online, at your own pace. You will be able to develop a solid foundation in digital marketing by taking this certification course. You will learn about digital marketing strategy as well as the various tools and platforms utilized in this field.

Marketing Analytics Certificate

The Analytics Certificate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill provides you with the tools to analyze marketing data and generate vital statistics on target audiences and performance. You will gain foundational knowledge of statistical analysis including basic probability, simple regression, and multivariate analysis. Additionally, you will learn how to generate meaningful insights from data through the use of statistical and analytical software including Microsoft Excel and SQL. This certificate program is suitable for those interested in a career in marketing analytics, market research, or business intelligence.

Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing

If you’re looking for a traditional certificate program, the B.S. in Digital Marketing from Franklin Pierce University offers some unique learning opportunities. For example, you will have the ability to work on real world marketing projects, such as the “Breadth-First Marketing Strategy” course project, which entails developing a marketing plan for a fictional company. Additionally, you will set up automated email campaigns, design websites, analyze search engine data, and much more.

Certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications

The growing importance of digital marketing in today’s world makes the Integrated Marketing Communications Certificate from the University of New Hampshire a valuable tool for aspiring marketers. This program combines various marketing methods and disciplines, including marketing research, public relations, interactive marketing, social media, and digital marketing. The certificate coursework includes an introduction to marketing, followed by a series of modules that you must complete in order to earn the certificate. Once you have earned the Integrated Marketing Communications Certificate, you will have the chance to further integrate your skills by conducting a marketing audit, evaluating competing products and services, or creating social media campaigns.

Master of Business Administration in Marketing

Businesses of all sizes need marketers, and the demand for marketing professionals will only continue to grow in the coming years. The Master of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill can help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to begin your career in marketing. This 54-credit-hour program is designed to give you a strong basis in marketing as a business discipline, and a wide range of elective courses allow you to specialize in areas such as market research, public relations, and marketing analytics.

Certificate in International Business

The Certificate in International Business is a 36-credit-hour program from Vrije University that equips you with the skills needed to succeed in the international marketplace. This certificate program is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of international business, including marketing, finance, and strategy. You will learn about various theoretical and practical aspects of doing business across cultures including how to avoid legal conflicts, find partners abroad, and gain access to new markets.

How to Become a Marketer

If you are interested in a career in marketing, but don’t yet know where to start, there are several ways to get ahead in the field. You can take a look at our guide to becoming a marketer, which will tell you everything you need to know about entering the field. In addition, numerous accredited organizations, including the American Association of Advertising Agencies, the American Advertising Federation, and the American Advertising Women, can connect you with local professional societies that may be able to put you in touch with recruiters speaking to interested in a career in marketing.