10 Free Online Book Marketing Sites

There’s a wealth of free online book marketing sites available, and while some are simply archives of old content, others offer a complete suite of tools to create and promote your book. In this article, we’ll list 10 of the best free book marketing sites, along with more information about each one.


BookBub is one of the largest online book groups, with over 500,000 members. It was launched in 2012 and offers a free app as well as a website. Like other similar sites, BookBub offers readers the opportunity to find new and exciting books to read through its member recommendations. When a member signs up for the service, they will receive daily book recommendations based on their reading preferences. Members can also follow other users’ book recommendations if they wish.


If you’re a blogger, you can use your blog to promote your book. In fact, many large book publishers operate their own in-house blogs, where they discuss books and their upcoming releases. If you’re a blogger, you can choose to have your blog post featured on publisher websites or curated lists like Twitter’s Trending Topics. Essentially, getting your blog post featured on another site can help increase the traffic to your blog. Plus, you can use tools like Hootsuite or Blogger to keep track of all the sites where your content is being featured.


GoodReads is one of the most popular online platforms for readers to discover new books. The site was launched in 2011 and is owned by Amazon. Like other similar sites, GoodReads allows users to discover books recommended by other users. When a user clicks on a book’s cover or synopsis, they are taken to the book’s dedicated page on GoodReads. Here, they can learn more about the book, read an excerpt, and find out how others feel about it. In addition to helping readers discover new books, GoodReads lets authors connect with readers through an online community. If you’re an author with a new release, you can use GoodReads to find readers who are interested in your work.


Luminous is an online book community dedicated to providing a space for writers and readers to connect and engage with one another. The site was launched in 2018 and offers a free membership. As a member of Luminous, you can upload and showcase your books, engage with potential readers through a series of blog posts, and join a vibrant community of writers.

5.Mystery Society

Mystery Society is a membership site that was launched in 2011 and owned by the Penguin Group. Members can ask any question about a book they’ve read and receive a personalized answer from an expert coder or editor. In addition to getting answers to questions about books, memberships on Mystery Society also include access to over 150,000 copyrighted books from the members’ collections. As a member, you can keep track of your favorite authors and what books they’ve published, as well as follow featured authors on social media platforms like Twitter.


Shelfari is another membership site that was launched in 2011 with the sole purpose of connecting readers with books. It was acquired by Amazon in 2018 for $13.7 million.

Shelfari members can keep track of their progress through a reading log, discover new books through curated lists, and connect with other readers through a vibrant community.


Booktopia is the largest online marketplace for books, with over 200,000 new titles released every year. Launched in 2011, the site offers a free membership. When a member books a title on Booktopia, they can learn about the author and the book’s unique features from the publisher’s website. In addition, members can read an extract from the book and make informed purchase decisions based on their reading preferences.


If you’re a fan of The Simpsons, you’ll probably recognize Alfred, the handyman. In fact, you may even know that he goes by the name Al, which happens to be short for Alfred. In any case, this is the character that McDonald’s created a book about called “The Popularity of the Simpsons”. If you’ve ever seen the show, you know that he really knows how to fix things. That’s the kind of expertise that you can gain by reading books on Alfred’s site.


BookLikes is the place for readers to discover new books and for authors to connect with readers. The site was launched in 2016 and offers a free app as well as a website. On BookLikes, readers can explore a variety of book topics including literature, history, science, and technology. Authors can also connect with readers through the site’s online communities.


If you have a Twitter account, you can use it to follow authors and publishers who are talking about books. One of the best parts of this platform is that you don’t have to pay to follow these accounts. Additionally, you can keep up with all the news in the world of books through Oberlo’s blog. In fact, if you’re a book fanatic, you can even start your own blog to share your thoughts and opinions on all things related to books.

When deciding which online book marketing site to join, it’s important to consider what tools you need to effectively promote your book. Some of these sites don’t allow for blog posts, while others allow you to create and manage one, if you’re willing to pay for the service. Regardless, you’ll find a site that can help you build a community and connect with readers around the globe. Thanks for reading! We hope this article helped you in your quest for book-related information online. If you have any other suggestions or ideas about how to improve the article, please feel free to comment below!