How to Get Free Adult Marketing Lessons Online

For those of you who are looking for ways to learn about marketing and how to use social media to gain publicity and make sales, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find tons of information and educational resources on how to become a successful marketer, the tools and tactics that can help you along the way, and some pretty cool offers from some of the industry’s biggest players. Now’s the perfect time to explore all that the Digital Marketing & Social Media University has to offer. You can sign up below and get started on your journey to becoming a master marketer.

Step One: Create A Free Account

One of the first things you’ll need to do is create a free account at Digital Marketing & Social Media University. This will allow you to browse the full website and get access to all of the classes, webinars, and other digital marketing and social media-related content that the school and its partners can provide. You don’t have to make a purchase to gain access to this content; all you need is a valid email address.

Step Two: Take The QuizTo Learn More About Yourself

Once you’ve created your free account, you’ll be presented with a big, beautiful quiz. This is a tool that will help you learn more about yourself and how you relate to others. After you take the quiz, you’ll be presented with a report that contains helpful information about your personality, such as:

  • Your personality type (i.e. Introverted, Extroverted)
  • How you see yourself (i.e. As an individual, as part of a group)
  • Your natural leadership style
  • How you react to stress and pressure
  • Your ideal holiday (i.e. Adventure holiday, Romantic retreat, Family reunion)
  • What type of dress you typically wear (Casual, Traditional, Ethnic, etc.)

Step Three: Start Learning

Once you’ve taken the quiz, you’ll see a big, beautiful button that says “start learning.” Click on this button to be taken to the page that will guide you through the steps to learn more about marketing and social media. As you navigate your way through this initial stage of the site, you’ll learn more about the various areas of digital marketing and social media and the various roles that a marketer can play. This step will also allow you to explore the different ways in which you can become an expert in these areas.

Step Four: Use Your Free Account

One of the major perks of having a free account at the Digital Marketing & Social Media University is that you’ll be able to access all of its educational resources from anywhere. This means that you can learn on the go! Whether you’re taking a bus ride to work or a walk with your dog, you can learn something new about marketing. Although you won’t be able to make any purchases using your free account, you’ll be able to access all of the content that the site has to offer. This includes:

  • Marketing Tutorials (video/audio)
  • Marketing Case Studies
  • Marketing Strategies (i.e. Funnel Analysis, Product Launch Strategy, Customer Journey Strategy)
  • Marketing Metrics (i.e. Cost-Beneficial Analysis, Benchmarking, Project Planning)
  • How to Videos (i.e. Marketing Videos, Product Launches, Interviews)
  • Marketing Blogs
  • Forum
  • Charts
  • Pulse Newsletter
  • Additional Resources (i.e. Webinars, Ebooks)
  • Contact Us

Step Five: Keep Learning

Once you’ve gone through the initial stages of the site, you’ll see a button that will take you to the “learn more.” After you click on this button, you’ll be presented with a form that will allow you to sign up for the weekly blog updates or take a dive into the archives and read anything that you’ve missed. With this option, you won’t miss a thing! As you continue to browse through the site, you’ll learn more about different industries, platforms (i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter), and the various ways that marketers can interact with customers and prospects on these platforms. This is an essential step for any marketer who wants to succeed online.

Bonus: The Full Marketing Stack

If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a bonus! You now know more about marketing than most people do even after working in the field for several years. To show you how much we appreciate your interest in our school and in expanding your professional network, we’d like to offer you a free copy of the full marketing guide. This guide will walk you through the entire marketing process from start to finish. Inside you’ll find information on digital marketing, social media, email marketing, content strategy, and analytics. Not only that, but you’ll also discover the various roles that a marketer can play, as well as tips on how to play them better.

The Digital Marketing & Social Media University brings you everything you need to know about marketing and social media, including all-access credentials, study materials, and a community of like-minded people who are just as eager to help you succeed as we are. Sign up below to gain access to this entire free marketing guide. And don’t forget – you can also find tons of useful information and resources from the Digital Marketing & Social Media University on how to become a successful marketer.