How to Market Fencing Online

Traditional marketing is changing, and so is your business. Although you may still rely on newspapers and magazines to reach the masses, the advent of social media has opened up the avenues of marketing and promoted content to reach your target audience, wherever they may be.

The opportunity to target the right audience and engage them into action – subscribing to your blog, filling out a form, or making a purchase – is immense.

What’s more, with the development of block chain technology, traditional marketing methods are evolving. In the coming years, marketing will become more personalized, and businesses will need to adapt.

Personalized Marketing

The growing prevalence of social media means that marketing activities no longer remain confined to printed media and radio waves. Thanks to the internet and its users, your marketing activities are no longer constrained to the physical locations and channels where you can most efficiently reach your audience. Nowadays, you can tailor your marketing strategy and content to suit the preferences and habits of your target audience, wherever they may be.

For example, a butcher might use Twitter to promote their business, share recipes, and provide customers with useful information, while a baker would use Pinterest to inspire people to come back for more.

The advantage of this strategy is that you can ensure that your content is relevant and engaging to your target audience – whether they are in your physical presence or remotely. Furthermore, you can track the results of your efforts in real time, and make adjustments as necessary. If a particular tweet isn’t performing as expected, you can determine what’s causing the issue and fix it without having to run the risk of wasting time and resources.

If your goal is to grow your business, it’s in your best interest to learn how to market fencing online. With the right approach, you can become virtually unstoppable.

Online Marketplaces For Athletes And Fencers

If you’re a fencer, entrepreneur, or an enthusiast of both, then you’re in luck because there are numerous platforms designed just for you. The two largest and most popular platforms are Epinbio and Kuma (formerly known as FencingBay).

Epinbio is a social marketplace that connects fencing enthusiasts from around the world and provides them with a platform to buy and sell equipment, participate in masterclasses and events, and engage with other members. The platform was founded in 2016 and is currently available in English, French, and Spanish. You can choose to participate in live chats with customers, submit product reviews, or even create online shops for other users to sell their fencing gear directly from.

Kuma (formerly known as FencingBay) is a similarly situated online marketplace, connecting fencers with top coaches and teachers, as well as Gear Store sellers – people who sell fencing gear and equipment online. It was founded in 2010 and is available in English, French, and Spanish. Just like with Epinbio, you can use the platform to connect with other users, read reviews, create discussions, and order products.

These are the giants of the online fencing world, but there are a host of smaller e-commerce websites that provide a robust market for the equipment and accessories needed by accomplished fencers. If your primary goal is to sell your own gear, then you can use Epinbio and Kuma to find a community of customers who are looking for what you’re selling, and create an online store that specializes in that product line.

Marketing For New Beginners

If you’re fresh out of college and looking for a career in business or marketing, then the world is your oyster. Now that you have a background in marketing and brand awareness, you can easily find a job in either field. You don’t have to limit yourself to one industry; you can develop niche specialties and become extremely marketable.

Fencing is a wonderful sport to be active in because it combines two of your favorite things: getting banged on the table while being active and adrenaline-inducing throwing parties. With the right attitude and approach, you can launch your fencer marketing career with a bang, and not a whimper.