Is There a School for Marketing Online?

There is a school for everything in life. Even marketing. While the fundamentals of marketing may not change, the way we approach the discipline evolves with technology. Today, we will discuss whether there is a formal school for online marketing, and if so, what should you learn?

Formal Online Marketing School?

Whether you are a marketer in a traditional or digital agency, there is a method to learn online marketing. The difference between online learning and traditional classroom education is that you can learn at your own pace. When you complete a course you can immediately apply the knowledge you learn to real world problems that are solving today.

Traditional higher education providers, like universities and colleges, have responded to the demands of the digitally driven consumer by establishing marketing schools. While traditional marketing education was once only available to marketing students, today, marketing faculty and staff have embraced the online world and established marketing degree programs specifically designed for the digital age.

What Should You Learn?

While we have established that there is a school for marketing online, we should discuss what you should learn. As a digital marketer you should learn how to create marketing plans, create personas, measure marketing performance, build audience engagement, and optimize websites. Additionally, you should learn how to implement performance marketing, programmatic ad buying, and blockchain technologies.

These courses and many more can be found within our comprehensive guide to digital marketing education. Furthermore, if you are interested in a career in marketing you should look into our marketing jobs board. There you will find a list of marketing jobs that are currently available.

The Evolving Role of Marketing

Marketing is a changing discipline. While the fundamentals of marketing may not change, the way we approach the discipline evolves with technology. Today, marketing is all about creating desired consumer responses and gathering data to measure that response. That is marketing performance.

We have moved away from mass advertising and toward creating unique, personalized promotions for each individual. Furthermore, the ability to track consumer behavior and analyze the results of marketing campaigns has never been more important.

With these changing roles and evolving skillsets in mind, it becomes clear that traditional classroom settings and traditional marketing education do not fit the needs of today’s digital marketer. We need to find a new way to educate tomorrow’s marketers.

Fortunately, there are innovative institutions delivering marketing education in online formats. These institutions are transforming the way we will educate tomorrow’s marketers. Whether you are an established marketer or you are just beginning your career, by understanding the changing nature of marketing and the value of digital marketing education, you will be able to adapt and succeed in this ever-changing world.