How to Start an Online Marketing Campaign with EBS

Here’s a case of a company that truly understood the value of effective marketing. They saw the potential and took the initiative to grow their business utilizing digital marketing tactics and strategies.

The Problem They Faced

The company in question, ENJOY Business Solutions, specializes in affiliate marketing. Essentially, they help businesses (mostly e-commerce companies or product review sites) sell and promote their products online. So if you’re looking to start your own affiliate marketing campaign, you’ve come to the right place.

The problem they faced is that although their online marketing paid off, their efforts weren’t measurable. They had no idea what worked and what didn’t, and which methods were the most effective. Since their aim was mostly to improve sales through various online marketing methods (not just affiliate marketing), it was difficult to determine which tactics were bringing in the most revenue.

The Road to a Better Digital Marketing Performance

To solve this problem, they took a long, hard look at their digital marketing performance, which included looking at both the traffic coming to their site as well as the actions of that traffic once they arrived.

What they discovered was surprisingly simple yet extremely effective: they needed to focus on creating high-quality content that would attract and retain customers. Additionally, they needed to find ways to measure the success of their marketing efforts and track the results of their campaigns to determine which methods worked best.

The Content That Worked

The analytics behind ENJOY’s affiliate marketing platform revealed that video content was the most effective type of content to target for their campaigns. So they created a series of engaging video content that was simple, funny, and easy to understand.

Not only did they use video content, but they also used animated infographics to better engage their audience and increase the chance of having a successful campaign. Creating visual content is an easy and cost-effective way to draw in audiences and engage with them. Plus, as a product reviewer, they were used to creating many visual guides about products – something that would naturally translate to video content.

The Importance of Tracking and Analysis

To track the results of their video marketing campaign, they used Google Analytics. What they found there were interesting and helpful numbers. For example, they saw that 77% of their video views came from people who had not previously been to their site. This suggests that the videos were able to attract a new audience and retain the interest of those viewers.

They also used Google Analytics to track the results of their affiliate marketing campaign with specific keywords. What they discovered there was even more useful. For example, when they used the keyword “green headphones,” they saw that searches spiked and then remained at a steady level. This means that their video content actually helped to increase traffic to their site when used with specific keywords – offering strong evidence that video content is effective for online marketing campaigns.

What’s Next?

After establishing a baseline for their digital marketing performance, ENJOY set out to create a strategy for continued growth. One of the first things they did was to create a digital marketing plan – something that laid out their goals and the steps they would take to realize them.

They began by studying their competitors and determined that the majority of them were using the same traditional online marketing methods that they were. Since they already knew what worked for them, they decided to branch out and try something new.

So what did they do? They implemented a marketing automation platform called EBS. With a marketing automation platform like EBS, you can build all the different types of emails (including auto-responders) and workflows that you could possibly need – all from one place. What this means for ENJOY is that they can easily set up automated email campaigns, which allow them to quickly send out multiple emails with the same content to hundreds or even thousands of customers without needing to spend too much time writing individual emails. 

In case you’re wondering, marketing automation platforms also integrate seamlessly with third-party software like HubSpot – which is a business application that allows companies to manage their marketing, sales, and customer relationships in one place. So if you’re interested in implementing a marketing automation platform like EBS, you can connect HubSpot to take advantage of its advanced features.

Wrapping up this case study, let’s take a quick look at some of the key lessons that ENJOY learned from this experience:

Lessons Learned

While much of what ENJOY learned was simply the result of them implementing new tactics and strategies, there were also some important lessons that they learned along the way.

For instance, when they set up automated email marketing campaigns for their site, they found that subject lines that contained specific key phrases were the most effective. Additionally, they discovered that offering free shipping was a great way to draw in customers and retain them – something that could be useful for any e-commerce store.


So, what can you learn from this case study? How about the importance of keeping your marketing simple and easy to understand? Not only does that make your job as a marketer easier, it could also result in more effective campaigns and less wasted effort. Additionally, video content is more effective than you’d think when used for marketing purposes – so don’t underestimate the power of a funny anecdote or a helpful tutorial to drive engagement and, eventually, sales.