Online Marketing in León – What You Need to Know

There was a time when being online meant being accessible only from your desktop computer or smartphone. Now, with the advancements of technology, marketing online has become multi-channel, allowing for greater reach than ever before.

In today’s digital world, consumers have a plethora of options in terms of the websites and social media accounts they use to access content and engage with brands. This presents a challenge to marketers, who must ensure their messages are relevant to each of these platforms and attract the right audience.

The Rise in Online Shopping

Consumers have always been motivated to research, discover and purchase products online. However, the technology platforms available and the types of products available have changed dramatically in the past few years.

The rise of smartphone shopping and tablet shopping has made it simpler for consumers to access retail websites whenever they want. This, in turn, has changed the way retailers operate. Even traditional retail stores have adjusted their business models to embrace online shopping and even mobile shopping. In fact, one study predicts that by next year, 72% of all retail purchases will be made online or via mobile phone.

The Rise in Email Marketing

In the past, few consumers would have been exposed to advertisements via email. However, with the rise of digital marketing and the explosion of social media platforms, marketers have found ways to leverage the power of the email inbox to gain followers and build credibility.

This is due, in part, to the fact that humans have a tendency to check their emails more frequently than other types of messages. According to HubSpot blog posts, people check their emails an average of 14 times per day, making it the 3rd most read document on their phones after messages from friends and family.

Emails can be an effective tool for marketing because they allow for the targeting of specific audiences. Marketers can use tools like HubSpot to identify the demographics, interests, behaviors and decision-making processes of their ideal buyer. Armed with this information, they can craft an email message that will be both relevant and engaging.

The Rise in Video Marketing

While traditional marketing tactics like radio ads and magazine publications have seen a decline in effectiveness over the past few years, video marketing has seen a significant uptick in popularity. Why? Video marketing is known for being more effective than traditional advertising because it can be more engaging. Additionally, with video marketing, the audience is more receptive to the message because they have to watch the whole thing.

According to HubSpot blog posts, videos consume about 20% of the average person’s day. This means that if you want your content to be seen, you’d better make sure that it is entertaining or informative. To create an effective video for marketing purposes, you must have a good combination of two things; content that is worth watching and an engaging narrator.

Videos can also be used to bolster social media accounts and websites. For example, businesses can use videos to introduce new products or provide support and guidance for existing products. When businesses leverage videos on their websites, it is typically to boost conversion rates and generate more leads. Videos also make for excellent companion pieces to blog articles and, when used in conjunction with other online marketing tactics, can help businesses grow and flourish.

Which Marketing Channels Should You Be Using?

Depending on your marketing goals, you must determine which digital marketing channels to utilize. At the very least, you should have a presence on three of the major social media platforms – Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. If you’re looking to attract potential customers, especially new customers, then you should also consider taking advantage of live chats and responding to comments.

Instagram is the largest social media platform used globally, with about 1.7 billion active monthly users. As of January 2021, Instagram is available in 190 countries and has over 500 million users across the world. This makes it the most used social media platform globally. Facebook, on the other hand, is available in almost every country and region. In September 2020, Facebook had 1.82 billion monthly active users.

YouTube is the second-largest social media platform following Instagram. It was initially launched in the United States in February 2005 and has since expanded to more than 200 countries. In late 2020, there were about 3.9 million daily active users on

As you can see, there are a lot of options for consumers when it comes to online marketing. To ensure your efforts are not in vain, you must first define your target audience and identify the main messages you want to convey. With the right approach and utilizing various platforms, you can ensure that your marketing content is reaching the right people.