Where to Study Marketing Digital Online in Spanish?

The Covid-19 pandemic that swept the world in 2020 has changed our lives forever. Colleges and universities around the world have cancelled their classes, and with the opportunity to study from home, countless students have taken the opportunity to learn something new. Those who have been following the career path of a digital marketer will have noticed that the job market has shifted and transformed as a result of the pandemic. As more and more people are shifting to study online, so too have the institutions that teach digital marketing and other web-related skills towards a career in digital marketing. This article will tell you where and how you can study marketing digital online in Spanish.

Top Online Schools for a Master of Science in Digital Marketing

Whether you’re just starting your studies or are looking to further your career, you’ll need to begin your search for a masters program in digital marketing online. Fortunately, you’ll discover that there is a wealth of options available to you, and, depending on where you live in the world, the temperatures may be pleasant enough for you to consider pursuing your studies online. Let’s have a look at the top online schools for a masters in digital marketing.

The UK has been a forerunner in establishing itself as a global hub for online learning, and nowhere more so than in the world of business and marketing. The University of Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government has partnered with the world-famous Saïd Business School to offer a joint program, the Oxford – Saïd MBA. This 16-month full-time MBA program is especially designed for those seeking careers in business and marketing, and is completely online. However, even those who don’t intend on pursuing a career in business can benefit from this full-time MBA program, which is also accredited by the AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

The University of Liverpool’s business school, the UoL Business School, has also established itself as a global leader in digital marketing and sales. The Business School offers a fully-online Master of Science in Digital Marketing (with a specialization in social media), which is accredited by the Computing Research Association (NCR). This top-notch academic institution also offers a joint degree with the University of Bath, the UoL – Bath Executive Master in Digital Marketing and Business Analytics.

Online Schools for a Diploma in Digital Marketing

If you’re looking to gain experience rather than further your studies, you can take up a Diploma in Digital Marketing from one of the leading providers of online learning, Kaplan University. The University’s program is designed to give you an insight into the subject, and also to set you up for the subsequent study of a masters in marketing or business administration. Courses available include marketing analytics, marketing evaluation, and digital marketing for business.

Similarly, the University of Florida offers a Diploma in Digital Marketing that is accredited by the Computing Research Association (NCR). This 9-month diploma program is ideal for experienced marketers who want to further their knowledge in a short span of time. Gain hands-on experience with this program by working on live projects as part of the university’s Center for Digital Marketing.

Top Online Schools for a Bachelor’s in Digital Marketing

A full-time bachelor’s in digital marketing can be found at the leading academic institutions around the world. One example is the University of California, Berkeley’s College of Public Health. The college’s online bachelor’s in digital marketing is a 10-month program that focuses both on theoretical and practical components. The program provides you with advanced theoretical knowledge in marketing and communications science, while also giving you the opportunity to specialize in a chosen area, such as digital marketing or marketing analytics. The program is designed to teach you the theory and practice of digital marketing and analytical marketing, enabling you to become job-ready for exciting career opportunities in digital marketing and analytics.

Alternatively, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management offers the only full-time bachelor’s in digital marketing in the world, exclusively online. This 15-month program is ideal for anyone looking to further their career in digital marketing, with opportunities to gain real-world experience during the course of the program. The curriculum is designed to give you a thorough understanding of the field and equip you for a successful career in digital marketing.

Where Can I Study Marketing Digital Online In Spain?

If you’re looking to study marketing digital online in Spanish, you have a number of leading academic institutions to choose from. The leading private Spanish universities, such as the highly-regarded University of Granada and the University of Barcelona, offer excellent masters and bachelor’s degree programs in marketing. If you live in Spain and are interested in pursuing your studies, contact the nearest academic institution to find out more information. Several Spanish universities also offer degrees in business administration with a specialization in marketing, enabling you to study business and marketing in English and Spanish.

Top Online Schools for a Bachelors in Digital Marketing

Gathering all of the above, the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School is the ultimate place to study for those looking to further their career in digital marketing, sales, and business administration. The University’s Bachelors in Digital Marketing are designed to provide you with the theoretical knowledge you need, as well as give you the opportunity to specialize in a chosen area. The program has a global reputation for placing highly-qualified graduates in high-profile roles, and also has a dedicated team of career advisers who can help you to build a strong professional network. Oxford’s Bachelors in Digital Marketing are endorsed by the Marketing Society, the Chartered Institute for Marketing, and the European Institute of Marketing Science (EIMS).

Some of the top-rated marketing schools in the world are based in the US, with the aforementioned University of California at Berkeley offering a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and the University of Florida making available a Diploma in Digital Marketing. The world’s most reputable marketing schools are happy to accept international students, so if you are a marketing professional looking to further your career, consider studying abroad in a familiar or odd location while potentially enjoying a new experience. This could include, for example, a study trip to Spain for those interested in marketing in Spanish-speaking countries.