How to Market Your Diploma Online?

Have you decided to pursue a career in business or marketing? If yes, then congratulations! You have made a smart decision. Your diploma will serve you in good stead, providing you with the knowledge and skills to succeed in business and marketing. However, if you are looking to put your business studies or marketing knowledge to use, then you might be wondering where to start.

If you are looking to break into the industry, then the first step would be to establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field. For business students, this may mean publishing case studies, undertaking research, or developing websites and blogs to build your digital portfolio.

To assist you in doing this, we have compiled a list of the most in-demand marketing degrees and certificates available, along with an overview of the job roles and prospects for each one.

The Most In-Demand Marketing Degrees

Before you begin your search for a degree program, it is essential to consider what career roles you will be able to pursue upon completing your studies. This will guide you in the choice of degree, enabling you to become more employable. To this end, we have collated a list of the most in-demand marketing degrees based on the results of a recent Bright Future Jobs survey.

Focusing on the jobs and careers of tomorrow, the survey queried over 15,000 employers across the UK, China, and the US, asking about their views on job prospects and vacancies, as well as the biggest hiring trends over the next five years. The study also looked into the salaries and bonus expectations, both currently and in the future.

From the data, we can glean several clear trends and implications for students and graduates.

1. There is currently a huge demand for marketing graduates in every industry

On the whole, employers are searching for marketing graduates, with marketing manager, director, and senior marketing manager roles projected to grow by 21%, 24%, and 30% respectively, over the next five years.

While the demand for marketing graduates is great, the supply isn’t keeping pace. According to the 2018 Eduniversal Skills Index, only 17% of Britain’s highest-earning jobs require a degree in marketing, suggesting a severe lack of skilled professionals in the field. This, in turn, impacts both the job prospects and the salaries of graduates. With low unemployment and a growing demand for marketing graduates, it’s a positive sign for those seeking to enter the field.

2. Digital marketing and social media aren’t just about PPC (Pay per click) and SEO (Search engine optimisation)

The rise of digital marketing and social media has meant that traditional marketing methods such as TV advertising and newspaper adverts have been displaced by online and mobile methods. This change has had significant ramifications for graduate prospects, with the number of marketing jobs available online increasing by 28% and 15% in the last year alone.

More and more employers are now requiring their marketing graduates to possess in-demand digital marketing skills, with SEO, content marketing, and social media strategy roles projected to rise by 23%, 28%, and 34% respectively, over the next five years.

3. Location is key for marketing graduates

The majority of marketing jobs are located in London, although the number of roles is rising across the country. This is likely due in part to the continued expansion of several of the country’s largest corporations, which have their UK headquarters in the capital. These include companies like Unilever, Marks and Spencer, and Procter and Gamble, which all have significant operations in the capital.

The demand for marketing graduates is undoubtedly high, with several of the UK’s most in-demand employers searching specifically for candidates with a marketing background. This suggests that for those seeking to cement their place in the industry, a move to London is a necessity.

4. Marketing is a diverse career with numerous opportunities

If you are unfamiliar, marketing is the process of creating interest in a product or service, or in this case, a candidate, among the general public. This is usually done through (you guessed it!) marketing campaigns designed to increase product awareness and, as a result, sales. Marketing is a dynamic and ever-changing field, which offers numerous opportunities for graduates interested in a career in business or marketing.

The above data suggests that, as well as shaping careers, business studies or marketing degrees can also help you to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Students who complete a marketing degree will be able to demonstrate expert knowledge of marketing concepts, methodologies, and models, which they can then apply to a variety of situations in both the public and private sectors. This, in turn, may allow them to gainfully employ their skills, thus proving the value of their degree.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is a celebrity or a normal person who promotes or brands a product or service for the company. They usually do this by becoming an expert in their chosen field and then promoting the product or service within that sphere. The position is generally advertised as ‘brand ambassador’, so if you see this role being touted at a high-profile job website or even in a newspaper ad, then chances are it’s something to do with a brand and it might be worth pursuing.

With major brands wanting to tap into the expertise of future employees, business students considering a career in marketing might find themselves in high demand. The above data suggests that, as well as establishing yourself as an expert in your chosen field, completing a degree could give you the push you need to enter the job market and establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field.

Where can I study marketing?

If you want to study marketing, then where should you do so? The UK’s most popular universities for business and entrepreneurship are a good place to start, followed by the London School of Economics and Political Science. If you are looking for a university with a high teaching quality, then these are the top-rated institutions in the UK. For those seeking to establish themselves as a future expert in marketing, then these are some pretty decent options.

Bristol has become a bit of a Mecca for those studying marketing, with some of the city’s most reputable institutions offering an excellent mix of academic rigour and practical learning. As well as being a city with a vibrant cultural scene, it sports an excellent food scene, with some incredible restaurants and cafes – not to mention the fact that it’s home to the Bristol Zoo.

If you put a little bit of thought into your future career, then you could create a fantastic opportunity for yourself. For those seeking to enhance their job prospects, a business or marketing degree might just be the ticket. Not only will you be able to shape your career, but you will also be able to gain invaluable knowledge and establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field.