5 Digital Marketing Companies to Help You Achieve Your Goals

In the past, marketing was restricted to ‘traditional’ methods such as TV advertising, magazine spreads and radio interviews. Today, with everyone online and social media at our fingertips, marketing strategies come in all shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re looking to grow your audience, boost your sale or just want to improve brand awareness, there are many digital marketing agencies that can help you achieve your goals.

Here are five that we think you should try out:

1. HubSpot

We’ll begin with one of the most popular digital marketing agencies out there, HubSpot. With a free version that allows you to perform all the basic marketing activities, such as creating content and setting up automated emails, you’ll have the opportunity to gain experience without risking your financials.

As you might imagine, HubSpot combines the functionality of a help desk with the marketing automation of a content creation platform, delivering engaging and effective marketing materials to your audience, whenever and wherever they are.

The best part? They’ll adapt their offering to suit your needs. So, for example, if you’re looking to take your online store to the next level, they can provide the software to help you automate the process, or if you’re looking to grow your YouTube audience, they can help you set up specific video campaigns and gain insights on how to improve your content strategy.

2. Unbounce

Another exciting agency to emerge on the scene is Unbounce. What makes this particular agency stand out is that they don’t just provide marketing software; they provide you with a full-service digital marketing agency. So, rather than just selling you software, they get to work for you, designing marketing campaigns and implementing them across multiple channels.

As the name would suggest, Unbounce is designed to help you make the most of your visitors, no matter what channel they arrive at your site via. This includes, but is not limited to, email, social media, online advertising and the like.

They’ll also engage with your audience, generating interest and driving traffic to your website. And to top it all off, they offer a money-back guarantee if you try them out for a month. Unbounce also offers a free trial, so there’s no risk in trying them out.

3. Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel is the digital marketing agency for Shopify, HubSpot and WordPress, offering a full suite of marketing services, including SEO, PPC and content marketing. What makes them different from other agencies is that they focus on performance marketing (PPI, SEO, etc.) instead of just brand awareness or lead generation.

As a performance-based marketing agency, they offer a guarantee of results, together with detailed reports that help you understand how your campaigns are performing.

They also provide ongoing coaching for your growth, as well as regular review of your performance across different platforms.

4. Blue Corona

What if I told you there was a way to generate qualified leads, increase sales and grow your business, all without having to invest in expensive TV advertisements? You might ask me what the catch is, and my answer would be ‘Blue Corona’.

Blue Corona is a marketing agency that specializes in improving clientele through performance marketing. So, instead of just getting leads to fill a hole in your sales funnel, they get to work for you, designing marketing strategies, implementing them and monitoring the results.

What makes Blue Corona special is that they combine traditional methods with the power of digital marketing. With offices in New York, London and Singapore, having representatives in all three locations, they can adapt their strategies to fit your needs.

As for pricing, Blue Corona provides a free trial, together with monthly billing plans starting at $5,500 per month. This ensures that you’re not locked in to expensive long-term contracts. For more information, visit the Blue Corona website.

5. Droga5

Last but not least, we have Droga5. Similar to Blue Corona, Droga5 combines the functionality of a marketing firm with the power of digital technology, allowing you to automate key aspects of your marketing and gain unprecedented insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns.

What makes Droga5 special is that they approach marketing from a strategic standpoint. So, for example, instead of just focusing on SEO, they might suggest a content strategy, develop a social media campaign or design a landing page.

As a result, your marketing efforts will be more effective and, in all probability, more profitable. In addition, the agency offers a free trial, together with limited monthly billing plans starting at $5,500 per month. Just remember: the further you go in-depth with Droga5, the more you’ll want to pay.

The bottom line? If you’re looking to take your business to the next level or just want to improve existing marketing efforts, try out one of these agencies. Just keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to compare pricing and features before making a decision.