Digital Marketing Course Online: How Can You Learn Digital Marketing in Australia?

There is no secret that the world of digital marketing is changing and evolving, and moving at breakneck speed. What was once considered mainstream learning about digital marketing is now considered ‘traditional’.

A staggering 82% of marketers in Australia believe that now is the perfect time to be learning digital marketing, according to a survey conducted by the Australian Association of Marketing Consultants (4ACM). Furthermore, 86% of those respondents said that they will be using the internet to source marketing-related content in the future.

Traditional Education Doesn’t Mean Lack Of Innovation

Traditional education hasn’t stopped innovating, and neither has digital marketing education. One of the most popular digital marketing certification courses in Australia is through Melbourne University’s e-learning platform, Deakin Edge.

The course is designed for students who either already hold a bachelor’s degree, or are aiming to complete their studies. It is worth noting that only 13% of students complete the entire course, with the vast majority dropping out before completing it. Nonetheless, the university’s website boasts that the course is accredited and “can lead you to a job in marketing or advertising, or directly to a graduate job.”

Students completing the digital marketing course at Deakin get a taste of what real world marketing work looks like. Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be equipped with the tools required to plan, execute, and analyze marketing campaigns.

What differentiates this particular course from other digital marketing degrees is that it doesn’t just teach you the theoretical knowledge required for the role. Deakin’s digital marketing course also integrates real-life experience, giving students the opportunity to sink-or-swim as a marketing manager. The course also provides students with the opportunity to connect with professionals in the field, through both traditional and digital marketing gigs. In line with the university’s mission to provide international students with a study environment that is as close to home as possible, the digital marketing course at Deakin is offered completely online.

Why Digital Marketing?

With traditional marketing, it was considered mainstream to target specific audiences and try to convert those audiences into paying customers. With digital marketing, the theory behind such targeting is the same, but the methods are completely different.

In a world of digital marketing, it’s all about gaining traffic and getting those people to convert. The trick is in making sure that you have a clear and focused approach to acquiring new customers. This should include both organic, and paid methods of getting traffic.

Organic marketing is all about gaining marketing leads based on what will engage with your target audience the most. It is considered “free” traffic, and comes from gaining popularity on social media channels or other website that monetizes user engagement.

Paid marketing is all about deliberately attracting an audience using advertisements. Typically, paid marketing is considered “unethical” by some, since it involves actively pursuing traffic without providing any value. This may include things like paying for ads on a search engine, or getting customers to sign-up for a junk email list. Although paid marketing is considered “unethical” by some, the vast majority of marketers consider it a necessary evil.

What is valued most in a marketing role is the ability to drive people to a specific action. When someone signs up for your mailing list, that is considered “action”. When someone clicks on a link in your email, that is also considered “action”. When someone visits a website that has bought advertising, that is also considered “action”. In the world of digital marketing, getting these actions is the name of the game.

Where Can I Study Digital Marketing In Australia?

Since digital marketing is such a diverse subject, and is meant to prepare you for a role in a large corporate world, you will almost certainly want to study it online. The biggest advantage of an online study program is that you can continue studying while working – the role of a digital marketer often involves working remotely through a team of colleagues. Since you’ll be participating in e-learning, you’ll also be able to access your studies 24/7, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Due to the pandemic that the world is currently dealing with, a large number of Australian universities have moved their in-person teaching online. Consequently, a lot of the country’s best institutions offer completely online degrees. This includes the Australian National University, who offer a Bachelors in Computer Science and Information Technology with a major in Digital Marketing. The University of Melbourne, the University of New South Wales, and the University of Technology Sydney offer similar degrees in digital marketing.

How Can I Land My First Digital Marketing Job In Australia?

It is no secret that the requirements for a role as a digital marketer are varied, and largely depend on your chosen career path. However, regardless of whether you want to become an in-house marketer at a major corporation, or whether you want to become an entrepreneur who builds their own brands, the requirements are the same.

If you are starting your career in digital marketing, you will almost certainly want to gain as much experience as possible. This means diving into the role, and jumping in where you are needed. You should look for opportunities to volunteer, as this will give you a chance to showcase your skills, as well as allow you to further network. Furthermore, since a large number of Australian universities offer online degrees in digital marketing, you will have the opportunity to further your studies, whilst working. This can potentially lead to a lucrative career, and a life that you always dreamed of living.

Whichever route you choose, a successful career in digital marketing requires a keen eye for detail, and the ability to think creatively. When applying for a job in digital marketing, make sure that you tailor your resume to fit the role, and utilize the above-mentioned skills. Furthermore, make sure that your cover letter and any other supporting documentation is tailored to the job you are applying for. Utilize the above-mentioned skills and experience to demonstrate your creativity, and how you solve problems. Finally, be sure to keep up with the latest trends and technologies, as this will determine your success in the role – after all, you will be working in a field that is always changing.