Marketing Dictionary: Diccionario Marketing Online

Have you ever wanted to know the meaning of certain words and phrases when it comes to marketing and advertising? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we will define and introduce you to key marketing words and phrases you need to know.


Digitizing information means collecting and making information available for use via digital means, which can include things like smartphones, tablets and the like. With the growth of the digital economy, many businesses have adopted this strategy and changed the way they do business. The advantage of having all of this information available is that it is no longer restricted to physical locations and can be accessed from anywhere. This coupled with the fact that most people are using mobile devices 24/7 makes this a no-brainer for any business.


Let’s start with an obvious one. When someone sends you an email, you’ve received an electronic message. This can be for anything from sharing information about a new product to inviting you to join a marketing list. You’ve probably received emails ranging from marketing ploys to offers of loans and mortgages, and even fake emails from friends trying to steal your personal information. Don’t fall for it. Stick to the companies you know and trust, whether they’re online or off.


Facebook posts are the little squares of content that you’ll occasionally come across in your news feed or on social media. These are mostly harmless and can include things like product announcements or discounts. While they don’t require much thought, they can help generate some interest in your product or service. To get the most out of your Facebook posts, do as much as possible to encourage your audience to engage with you. If someone likes your post, they’ll likely visit your page to learn more about you and what you have to offer. This may also prompt them to make a purchase, or at least generate an interest in doing so. People love it when they can get something for free, especially if you’re a business that they’ve never heard of before. This is why many companies use Facebook advertising to promote their brands. It is inexpensive, and the results can be pretty surprising. Don’t underestimate the power of this platform.


If you’ve ever shopped at an online store, you’ll know that they always try to show you as many products as possible using a variety of keywords in the search bar. When people type in a search term, your web server pulls up all the results for that search. When a customer clicks on a link from one of these results pages, they’re taken to a completely different website than the one they were searching for. This is commonly referred to as ‘linking’ and it allows the store to take advantage of every keyword they use in their search bar. As you can see, Google search results can be pretty surprising and often include a combination of words and phrases that make no logical sense together, yet somehow work together to bring up relevant results. This is a great tool for marketers as it makes it easy to see what keywords are being used and how they’re being used in context.


When you own or manage a company, you can apply for patents and protect your intellectual properties. This means that you can prevent others from using your ideas or products without your permission. It is, however, quite difficult to do this and most companies outsource this task to specialist firms. If you’ve got innovative ideas for products or services and want to protect them from being ripped off, this is an area to look into.


Internet backbones are the networks within a region that service providers use to connect their customers. Backbones can include both cable companies and internet service providers. In many cases, different companies may own different regions of the same backbone, which gives them reciprocal access to one another’s customers. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ network and it makes it much easier for businesses to conduct business across national borders. If you’re looking for a career in marketing, this is a subject you need to know about.


Having a landing page allows you to capture leads and information in a single place. This might be a simple form with just a few fields, or it could be a more elaborate structure with comprehensive questions about the lead’s interests, demographics and so on. A landing page doesn’t have to be super-complex to be effective. A simple form that collects contact details will suffice. The important thing is that you have a place for people to visit and enter their details so that you can contact them later. You can also use your landing page to collect emails if you’re a business that provides products or services for sale. You can ask them to enter their email in order to be added to your mailing list. The possibilities for a landing page are endless, as long as you have a lead magnet, a form or several forms that can capture the information you need. Having a simple landing page is usually sufficient for getting your marketing message across.


If you’re creating marketing content for digital or print media, such as websites, blogs, articles, white papers and so on, there are some simple guidelines you can follow to ensure that your content is not only good, but also effective. Make sure that you always test your ideas and concepts first in a low-commitment way, especially if you’re experimenting with something new. This will give you the opportunity to adjust and improve your methods as you go along. When you finally decide to implement a new marketing strategy or concept, do so with caution and make sure that you’ve got everything planned before you start running campaigns. Create an action plan and work your way through it, one step at a time. This will help you stick to your plan and ensure that you don’t deviate from it in the middle of a campaign. If you want to get the most out of your marketing content, work to improve the quality of the materials you’re using and the insights you’re giving. If your materials are of good quality and offer the reader valuable information or insights, they’ll be much more likely to remember you and your brand when it comes time to make a purchase. On the other hand, if the information you’re providing is less than solid, or only of a limited use, your readers will most likely tune out and ignore your brand. If you’re looking for a career in marketing, this is a subject you need to know about.


Having a clear view of the metrics that dictate your strategy and campaign results, both positive and negative, is an essential part of being a successful marketer. Knowing how to track the effectiveness of your campaigns is a skill that will help you become a better marketer and eventually run your own business. Marketing metrics can vary from the number of website visitors to the amount of sales you make. The important thing is that you have a clear picture of what is working and what needs to be changed. Knowing how to measure the success of your campaigns will give you a clear view of how much you’ve improved as a marketer, and how much further you need to go.


The marketing and sales landscapes are constantly changing and evolving, which means that your strategies and tactics must change with it. Trends emerge, and then disappear, with the advent of new technologies and societal changes. For instance, when the invention of the automobile changed our society, the way we saw marketing and advertising shift to suit the new way of life. When television emerged as a mass medium, advertisers started using it as a vehicle to communicate their messages, and so on. As time goes on, and new technologies emerge, the marketing landscape will continue to shift as well. Make sure that you stay on top of these changes and adopt new methods and technologies that will enhance your effectiveness as a marketer.

Knowing how to market can be difficult. There are just so many words and phrases to know, and if you’re not careful, it can be difficult to keep up with all of them. Hopefully, this blog post will help you understand the basic concepts and terminology behind marketing, and how to use them to your advantage when communicating with customers and potential customers. If you’re looking for a career in marketing, this is a subject you need to know about.