Database Marketing Foundations: Is This Online Course Right for You?

Marketing databases and marketing analytics tools can seem intimidating, but you’ll feel right at home after completing this comprehensive on-demand course. In this premium training program, you’ll learn the fundamentals of creating a solid marketing foundation designed to drive growth, while staying agile, cost-efficient, and efficient.

Why Should You Pursue This Training?

You’re a marketer and you’re used to doing research and analysis, right? Chances are, you’ve dived into databases to hunt for marketing trends and evaluate marketing performance. But have you ever considered what it takes to go from marketing trend analysis to successfully implementing marketing strategies and tactics?

You’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of how to get the most out of your marketing database and marketing analytics platform, as well as learn the fundamentals of marketing database administration. Along the way, you will build a strong foundation in marketing analytics, discover the value of a marketing analytics strategy, and learn how to effectively track, analyze, and report on marketing performance.

By the end of this course, you will know how to:

  • set up your database and marketing analytics platform
  • access marketing information and perform analysis
  • design effective marketing plans and strategy
  • track your progress and analyze results
  • interpret marketing information and data
  • report on the performance of your marketing programs
  • build a data-driven culture
  • identify and solve problems
  • take actions based on the analysis you perform

What Will You Learn?

Once you’ve completed this on-demand course, you will have a clear idea of how to proceed with your database marketing endeavors. You will know what considerations to make and how to effectively set up your database and marketing analytics platform to tackle your first marketing project. Upon completing this training, you will feel confident in administering a marketing database and marketing analytics platform, as well as analyzing marketing performance to drive optimal growth.

How Is This Different From Other Courses?

This on-demand course is designed for marketers who need a comprehensive understanding of database marketing and marketing analytics. It is built on the assumption that you have some degree of technical knowledge regarding marketing databases, and it goes into great detail on how to set up, navigate, and utilize marketing databases and marketing analytics tools. However, you may not have the in-house technical expertise necessary to run and maintain your own marketing database and marketing analytics platform. In that case, you might need some additional help from an expert. But even then, you will have attained enough knowledge to tackle any marketing project.

On the other hand, this course is not intended for marketers who already have a solid grasp of database marketing and marketing analytics. For those individuals, you may be better served by taking one of the other marketing databases and analytics courses out there.

When Can You Practically Use This Knowledge?

The answer to this question largely depends on your industry. If you’re in a digital marketing space, then you can begin using your newly gained knowledge right away. You may already be interacting with customers through online channels, so you can dive into analytics and data to discover insights about their browsing habits and digital marketing performance. Alternatively, if you’re in a B2B marketer, you’ll likely have to study the acquired knowledge in your spare time, as there won’t be any immediate applications for this new-found expertise.

In summary, this course is ideal for anyone seeking to expand their knowledge in the field of marketing databases and marketing analytics, as well as those who are already established experts in these spaces and looking to bolster their knowledge.

Who Is This Course Recommended For?

Although this course is suitable for all marketers, it is primarily recommended for: