How to Create an Amazing Mobile Marketing Campaign?

In today’s ever-evolving world of technology, consumers have shifted toward mobile marketing and shopping. Thanks to the popularity of smartphones and tablet computers, digital marketing efforts via mobile devices have increased by nearly every metric – from click-throughs to conversion and retention.

Odds are that your business is experiencing the benefits of the mobile revolution too. Whether you’re a retailer, brand, or product developer, mobile marketing offers unique opportunities to connect with consumers and grow your business.

So how can you create an amazing mobile marketing campaign? Let’s take a look.

Know Your Audience

Thanks to the ubiquity of mobile devices, digital marketing efforts can now be executed across all major platforms – from desktop computers to mobile phones. This presents certain advantages which you as a marketer must take into consideration.

For instance, as a mobile marketer, you can directly target consumers based on their geographic location. Doing so can boost conversion and drive traffic to your site or app. You can use features such as GPS or IP to geotarget specific groups of consumers – or even individual users – and execute mobile marketing campaigns effectively.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have very broad demographics – such as women between the ages of 18 and 34 – for whom it is very difficult to engage. An amazing mobile marketing strategy can help you identify and connect with these consumers, and grow your business.

Build Mobile-Friendly Websites

Even if you have an amazing mobile marketing strategy in mind, you’ll still need a website in order to execute it. After all, you can’t send text messages to consumers or drive traffic to your app if you don’t have a site to send them to.

Fortunately, you can have the best mobile marketing strategy in the world, but if your site is outdated and difficult to navigate on a smartphone, you’re effectively preventing yourself from attaining its full potential. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your site is configured correctly for mobile interactions. Below, we’ll discuss a few tips on how to do that.

Make Sure That Your Site Cools And Conforms

The term “cools and conforms” (or “c&c” for short) refers to the layout, design, and content of a website. These elements work together to create an optimal user experience on a mobile device. When referring to a website, it is important to keep in mind the size of the screen that the user is viewing it on. For example, a small screen such as a phone’s screen may make small text difficult to read. This can lead to frustrating user experiences and hurt conversion rates.

Similarly, a cluttered layout may lead to disorientation and confusion on the part of the user. It is therefore important to pay attention to the little details that make a difference – from the colors and fonts used to the overall design and layout.

Use Responsive Web Design

This is one of the most important tips when creating an amazing mobile marketing strategy. When a website is built using responsive web design, mobile users can access the content regardless of whether they are on a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device. This makes it much easier for users to navigate your site – even when viewed on a small screen – and allows you to effectively target specific groups of consumers based on their device. Doing so can boost conversion and growth.

Avoid Flash

It may seem evident to include this item in our list, but eliminating flash from your website can have a profound effect on your mobile marketing strategy. This is because many smartphones and tablet computers do not support the use of flash – and if they do, it often slows down the device significantly.

For instance, if you have an amazing eCommerce store that relies heavily on flash to navigate and display products, that can hurt your conversion rates if your users have to wait for it to load before they can make a purchase. This may seem obvious, but it is a common trap that many entrepreneurs fall into when they are first building a site.

Consider The Environment

If your product or service is reliant on technology, it is important to ensure that you are reaching out to potential consumers in an effective manner. This means that you must consider the environment in which they are located and whether or not the content is accessible from any location. If not, you may end up losing a significant portion of your audience – or worse, have them complain about not being able to find something on your site. This can result in a loss of business.

Use Mobile Analytics

You can never have enough data in any market, and with the advent of the mobile market, this is more evident than ever before. If you’re serious about creating an amazing mobile marketing strategy, it is essential that you’re paying attention to the data that is being thrown your way. Specifically, you must be monitoring and analyzing the following:

  • Android App Ratings
  • Average Time On Display
  • Bounce Rates
  • Click-Through Rates
  • Conversion Rates
  • Product Ratings
  • Reviews
  • Session Lengths
  • User Behavior
  • Visitor Locations

Each of these items provides key insight into your mobile marketing strategy’s success or failure. If you have more than one site, it is also important that you’re keeping track of the performance of each – and knowing how visitors are engaging with content on different platforms.

When creating an amazing marketing strategy for mobile devices, it is important to keep the users’ experience in mind. This way, you can ensure that the details mentioned above make a difference and boost your business growth.