The Best Courses Online to Learn Marketing and Become a Professional Online Marketer

You’ve probably heard of ClickBank, the world’s #1 wholesale marketplace for selling and marketing products.

While you may know what they are, perhaps you haven’t thought much about the fact that they’re launching a brand-new certification program — the Online Marketers Certificate — that’s designed to prepare individuals for a career in digital marketing.

If you’re interested in an in-demand career that can potentially provide you with a good living, you may be wondering if there’s any merit to this certification.

And you’d have to say there is. In fact, we rated this certification as #3 on our list of top 10 marketing certificate programs.

Why Should You Pursue This Certification?

When you pursue a marketing-related certificate, you’re essentially creating an application that’s designed to get you hired. As a digital marketer, you’ll be able to display your skills in analytics, SEO, and marketing research — all crucial areas of competence for any marketing role.

In fact, the Marketing Research Certificate is a must for any serious marketing professional. It’s also an ideal companion to the Google Analytics certification.

Other notable certificates available from ClickBank include:

  • Google Analytics SM Certificate
  • SEO Certificate
  • Inbound Marketing Certificate
  • Web Analytics Certification
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Certificate
  • Marketing Analytics Certificate
  • Marketing Research Certificate
  • Marketing Analytics Strategy Certificate

If you’re worried about paying for your college education, you may want to consider pursuing a marketing degree through a trusted university or college. You may also want to look into taking out a loan to help you pay for your studies.

Which Type of Employer Does This Certification Attract?

With so many certificate programs available from ClickBank, it’s important to keep in mind that not all of them are created equal. In other words, not all of them are going to lead you to a successful career.

In our opinion, a successful career as an online marketer requires you to have at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing. With that in mind, we recommend students who are interested in this career path to consider the INBOUND Marketing Certificate.

Why? Because it’s highly relevant to the job market. In fact, a recent study from the Digital Marketing Institute revealed that 94% of employers are either seeking or hiring candidates who have a marketing background.

If you’re looking to enter the workforce and need help getting started, check out these popular marketing blogs.