How to Write a Cover Letter for Online Marketing on Campus

With Covid restrictions lifting, more and more students are getting back to their old ways. While some are joining the workforce straight away, others are taking a little longer. So, for those students looking for a little extra tuition, there are plenty of online options that can help.

Creative Writing

For those looking to beef up their creative writing skills, then plenty of sites offer courses and help with their craft. With courses such as these, students can develop their skills and become more competitive for jobs in the industry.

Innovative writing platforms like Canvas make it possible for students to build up a portfolio of their work, which can then be used to showcase their talent to future employers. Through engaging with other students in a constructive and positive way, as well as getting feedback and advice from professional writers, students can put together a portfolio that will impress potential future bosses.

Whether you’re a creative writing student looking for a way to practise your skills or an employer who is looking for a new way to find promising talent, this is the place to be.


If you’re looking to strengthen your marketing skills, then marketing courses on campus won’t hurt either. However, for those looking for a more digital route, then online learning platforms like HubSpot offer courses that can help students build up their skillset.

Marketing is all about getting eyeballs to your content, whether that’s viral content, articles, or even photos. With digital marketing becoming a mainstream part of many marketing campaigns – whether that’s through paid advertising, sales promotions, or content marketing – learning how to do this effectively is essential.

Incorporating digital marketing into your marketing mix can help you reach a much broader audience. Instead of relying on individuals to find your content, you can use digital marketing to get the word out about your content and attract new customers to your platform.

Not only is this the case with traditional offline marketing, but with online marketing as well. The key is to find ways to attract, engage, and delight your audience. With Covid restrictions hopefully no longer a concern, more and more businesses are looking to grow their customer base and digital marketing can help.