Online Conversion Marketing Training Courses for B2B Marketers

If you’re new to digital marketing and wondering what specialized training you should consider, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find an overview of the most popular training courses that specialize in B2B marketing. Whether you’re an experienced marketer or simply looking to expand your knowledge, these courses will help you get a firm foundation in Conversion Marketing (CM).

Pricing and Payment Options

While most digital marketing training courses don’t require any kind of payment upfront, some do. A notable exception is the Online Conversion Marketing: Beginner to Advanced course from Training Coursera. This is a completely free online marketing training course and, as a result, doesn’t offer any in-demand feature other courses do. However, students must complete at least two assignments to get a certificate. The first is a quiz to test their knowledge of the material, and the second is a case study where they analyze the performance of a real-world marketing campaign. Students can opt to have their work graded by professionals or seek help from a personal tutor if they struggle with a specific assignment.

Who Should Take This Training?

The ideal candidate for this training is someone who wants to become an experienced online marketer and is looking for a specialization that will help them excel in this role. The course will cover the fundamentals of digital marketing, including marketing analytics, SEO, content strategy, and campaign management. Students will also gain in-demand skills including website analytics, e-mail marketing, and performance marketing. Lastly, the course will introduce them to advanced metrics such as website conversion, e-commerce, and inbound marketing.

Top Tips From the Course

After taking this course, you’ll be able to design email campaigns, write SEO-friendly articles, construct effective landing pages, and track the performance of your marketing efforts. All of this will be from a fundamental standpoint and without the use of any fancy software. This is important because many beginners to digital marketing think that the only way to do things is with specialized tools, and without them, the task seems too complex or overwhelming. Well, the opposite is true. Designing a marketing strategy and executing it manually requires both skill and determination, but with these courses, you’ll be able to cut out a lot of the drudgery and get straight to the good stuff. That is, engaging with potential customers and turning them into paying customers. So, if you’re looking for a fully equipped and efficient toolbox to take your marketing to the next level, consider one of these courses.