How Many Companies Use Both Offline and Online Marketing Channels?

Traditional marketing channels have shifted to more digital communication platforms, but businesses still need to engage with customers and prospects in person. To ensure you make the most of in-person interactions, you should consider using both online and offline tactics.

While most companies have shifted to using social media to engage customers, small businesses can take advantage of traditional marketing techniques like trade shows, billboards, and magazine ads to get in front of potential customers.

In an effort to understand how companies use both online and offline marketing channels, we analyzed top marketing campaigns from companies across North America.

Key takeaways

Overall, we identified three key takeaways from our analysis:

  • Most businesses use both online and offline marketing channels to some extent.
  • Many businesses use multiple platforms to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Traditional marketing channels still have a place in the digital marketing arena.

How Online And Offline Marketing Channels Work Together

Our analysis found that most businesses use both online and offline marketing channels to some extent.

To understand how these channels work together, consider the example of a business that uses both channels to promote a local craft beer garden. This business may use online channels like social media to promote their products and engage with customers.

However, they may also utilize traditional marketing channels like billboards and magazine ads to spread the word about their product.

This is a perfect example of how online and offline marketing channels work together. Through online channels, this business can reach a large audience and potentially gain interest from a new audience.

But to secure a sale, they will need to engage with potential customers in person. This is where their billboard ad and magazine article come in.

The ad will attract people to their product, while the magazine article will hopefully make them choose this particular craft beer garden over the rest.

The Takeaway

Our analysis found that businesses that use both online and offline marketing channels can have a distinct advantage over those that only advertise digitally or in person.

To make the most of both platforms, businesses should consider creating engaging content that will connect with their audience on multiple levels.