Clorado Tech: Online Associate in Marketing

The Covid-19 pandemic gave people both the need and the opportunity to learn more about technology and how they can use it to get their business needs met. As a marketing and communications professional, I saw the incredible growth in tech-related learning and how it could be applied to my industry.

One of the biggest challenges businesses and marketers experienced was figuring out how to engage customers and potential customers in an online environment. With several platforms available for online learning, it’s easier than ever for companies to connect with and educate their customers.

Customer engagement and brand loyalty are important during these trying times, and demonstrating that you care is more important than ever. As marketing and communications professionals, we have a responsibility to educate consumers about our products and give them the information they need to make smart buying decisions. Therefore, it is essential that we provide quality content and courses to people who want to learn about our products and services.

Why Online Learning?

The world shifted to a digital sphere with the pandemic, and it has not gone back. People are using the internet to educate themselves about what’s happening, how to behave, and what products and services to use to get through these trying times. Plus, they can do so from the comfort of their home. The opportunity to engage with potential customers and build a relationship with them became a thing, and it’s a relationship that continues even after the pandemic and while the economy is slowly trying to rebuild.

The Growth in Online Learning

According to Future Inc., an education and events planning company, the number of online learning events in April 2020 was 8.4 million globally, up from 6.1 million in March 2020. Furthermore, 2.9 million people were registered for online learning events in April, up from 2.4 million in March. Events included webinars, self-paced and guided learning, and live chat sessions. The biggest growth comes from Brazil, Indonesia, and the Philippines where the numbers jumped up by 92%, 86%, and 57% respectively. With the opportunity to learn available online, people are seeking the information they need to succeed in these changing times.

Quality Over Quantity

During these trying times, businesses have to prioritize quality over quantity. They can’t afford to put out low-quality content that will end up hurting them in the long run. However, getting quality content can be difficult. You need to find a way to educate your employees on what constitutes high-quality content, and you need to find a way to measure it. This is where a company named Clorado Tech comes in. They specialize in creating bite-sized learning programs that can be delivered one-on-one via webinar or in a group setting via web conference.

What sets Clorado Tech apart is that they utilize technology to provide a quality, efficient learning experience to their customers. With their AI-driven technology, they are able to scale and provide large amounts of training material to people across the globe. Furthermore, they are able to monitor and track the effectiveness of each program they create. With their Learning Management System, they are able to measure the results of their training programs and identify areas where they can improve.

The benefits of this kind of quality control are countless. You can’t afford to make the mistake of putting out low-quality content that will make your customers unsatisfied. This will result in lost sales and potentially bad word of mouth that could devastate your business. Instead, you want to make sure that each program you create is of high quality, and that you are improving as a marketer and communicator with each new training program. In these trying times, the opportunity to focus on your quality is all the more important.

Delivery Of The Training Materials

These trying times require businesses to reevaluate how they interact with customers. One of the biggest issues many businesses encountered was the issue of making sure that customers got the training they needed when they needed it. Businesses should be investing in a way that ensures their customers get the information they need, when they need it. To meet this need, they need to look at ways to optimize and improve their training program. One of the most successful businesses during these trying times was the Amway corporation. They created a COVID-19 educational hub that contained all the important information their customers needed to know about the pandemic and how to protect themselves and their families. This information was delivered to them via online learning modules.

What is important for businesses to remember is that customers are finding the information they need online. In these trying times, businesses that provide high-quality information to their customers stand a chance of surviving. The opportunity to educate customers and build a relationship with them, even when they are unable to meet in person, is a business asset that should not be overlooked. These days, consumers have much more access to information than ever before, and businesses must make sure they take advantage of it and put out high-quality content to be more effective.