Cheap Email Marketing Services – Why You Should Be Using Them

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing that has been around for a while now but has only recently become so popular as to be considered a form of “cheap marketing”.

In most cases, email marketing is cheaper than traditional advertising methods (such as radio ads, which are often sponsored or paid for by a brand). This is because email marketing is usually less targeted and more widespread. However, there are still significant differences in terms of how expensive it can be to send an email campaign versus how much it costs to advertise on television or in a magazine.

If you’re looking to run a low-cost email marketing campaign, consider these cheap email marketing services.

1. Benchmark Email

The first and probably the most popular low-cost email marketing service is Benchmark Email. Their pricing plans start at just $5 per month and go all the way up to $19.95 per month. The good thing is, you can try their software for free for 30 days, so you can see how it works and how you would use it before you commit to anything.

What makes Benchmark Email stand out is that they are just as committed to giving you a quality experience as they are to saving you money. This is why they ensure that their servers are always up and running so that you don’t experience any glitches.

The free version of Benchmark Email has all of the same features that their paid plans have (with the exception of the autoresponder), which is great if you’re testing the waters and aren’t sure yet whether or not email marketing is the right fit for your business.

The worst-case scenario with Benchmark Email is that you experience their “Good Enough” service, which, although incredibly cheap, is not designed for those who are looking for the best possible experience. If you do experience this, they will provide you with a full refund, no questions asked. So, if you’re looking for a reliable, quality service that doesn’t cost a fortune, consider trying out Benchmark Email.

2. Campaigner Email Marketing

Another great option for a cheap email marketing service is Campaigner Email Marketing. This company is committed to providing their customers with a high-quality experience at a fraction of the cost of other providers. With them, you will always receive the full amount you’re charged, regardless of whether or not you remain a customer. This is because they want to ensure that you remain happy with their service.

The best thing about Campaigner Email Marketing is that they offer a fully-managed service. Most email marketing services only provide you with a mailing list and an autoresponder, which you need to set up and manage yourself. The advantage of having someone do this for you is that they can take care of all of the tech-related hangups that you might encounter. This way, when you want to send your next email campaign, you won’t have to worry about getting it set up right or about managing the tech side of things.

So, if you’re looking for a quality, cost-effective email marketing service, consider Campaigner Email Marketing.

3. Mad Mimi

The name Mad Mimi might not sound like your typical email marketing service, but when it comes to delivering high-quality, affordable email marketing, they are as good as it gets. Even better, they’re willing to take on clients who are just starting out as well as established businesses who might want to take advantage of their expertise.

As the name would suggest, Mad Mimi is based in Sydney, Australia, but they also have an office in the U.S.A. This allows them to serve clients worldwide. Plus, they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, so you know you’re dealing with a reputable company.

They offer four different pricing plans, starting at just $5 per month, with the best plan being their $19.95 per month, full-featured package. This is a great option for anyone who is just getting started with email marketing or who wants to try it out and doesn’t want to commit to a long-term contract. Mad Mimi is also willing to provide support for their customers indefinitely.

The fact that Mad Mimi is based in Australia might make you think that the service is limited to Aussie customers, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. They actually have an option for their U.S. clients to have their emails delivered to Australia, so you might receive emails from an Aussie at some point. Regardless of where you are, you will always be able to contact Mad Mimi via email to get support or to ask any questions you might have about their service.

4. MailChimp

If you’re looking for a service with a higher-end reputation than Mad Mimi, you might consider trying out MailChimp. They’ve been around since 2002 and have established themselves as the go-to service for marketers who need to create and send emails. Furthermore, since they’re trusted by big brands like Buffer and Hello Fresh, you know you’re getting a high-quality service.

Even better, their pricing plans start at just $5 per month and go all the way up to $19.95 per month. This makes MailChimp a great choice for those who are just getting started or who want to try out email marketing but don’t have the money to spend on high-priced services without being sure that they will be worth it in the long run. Plus, MailChimp is also able to provide support for their customers indefinitely.

If you run a restaurant or a boutique hotel, you might want to look into a food delivery service that can help you get your food delivered to your dinette, coffee machine, or bar. Or, if you own a gym or a wellness spa, you might want to consider a gym membership delivery service that can get you access to any of the group fitness classes or one-on-one sessions you might be interested in.

These are just some examples of the many different kinds of businesses that can benefit from having an email marketing service. Whether you’re a physical shop, a restaurant, or an online business, you can find a one-stop-shop to take care of all of your email marketing needs. Just make sure that you’re aware of any restrictions that might exist on the type of emails that you can send or on the types of customers that the service is suitable for.