Caden Robertson: Champion Online Marketing

What will you do if you have an amazing product that can help solve a major problem but you don’t have the funds to market it? You can get inspired by Caden Robertson, an entrepreneur, public speaker, and serial social media marketer who built a multi-million pound business helping other businesses build theirs.

The Rise Of Caden Robertson

Caden Robertson’s journey to success started way back in 2011, when he saw a major issue that needed fixing: busy social media mums unable to get anything done due to their overflowing schedule.

The issue? As a busy working mom himself, Caden knew what struggle looked like and how important it can be to have help when you need it. But as a self-funded entrepreneur, he also knew there was no quick fix. He needed to find a sustainable business model to fund his mission.

To do this, he turned to digital marketing, a field he’d always been passionate about but had never formally pursued.

What he found was a massive untapped potential, with over 1.8 million UK consumers using digital marketing tools like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find products and services they need. In other words, if you’re not using social media to market your products, you’re losing out on a potentially huge audience.

So Caden set up his business, Social Marketer, to focus on helping businesses harness the power of social media to grow their traffic, leads and sales.

Building A Business One Tweet At A Time

Now, over four years later, Caden’s business has grown rapidly, so much so that he’s been able to quit his day job and become a full-time entrepreneur. What’s more is that he’s been able to do this while following a largely organic growth strategy, which has seen his revenues increase from £25,000 to £107,000 year on year.

As a business owner, Caden is responsible for everything from creating strategies to drive organic growth (his motto: “Less talk, more action”), to sourcing new leads, to converting those leads into paying customers. Needless to say, this is a full-time job that requires a lot of focus and energy. And, as anyone who’s been there can attest, it’s not always easy to find the mental capacity to do this while also keeping your home life balanced.

But that’s what makes Caden such an inspiration to us. Because even though he’s been successful, he still faces major challenges every day. Like the fact he has to turn down a lot of business due to limited resources. Or the fact that, in his words, “The competition is fiercer than ever before and much more sophisticated.”

A Focus On Customer Care

To tackle these challenges, Caden and his team of experts at Social Marketer are committed to finding sustainable and long-term growth strategies for his company. This involves constant research into best practices, customer care and engagement, and evolving with the times. As a marketer himself, Caden understands the importance of putting the customer first and ensuring that you provide the best possible experience at all times.

Caden’s approach has been proven to work. Not only has he seen his annual revenues increase by an average of +36% year on year, but Google and HubSpot have also rated him among the top 1% of businesses in the UK for customer experience.

Helping Other Entrepreneurs To Thrive

Alongside his business, Caden also runs an entrepreneurship support group for women and a mentoring programme for young people.

The group, Cohort, was born from Caden’s frustration at not being able to provide the support he needed for himself. So he decided to put his money where his mouth is and create a place where like-minded entrepreneurs can come together and thrive. Meetings are held regularly, with groups of up to five women working through various challenges together. The sessions are informative and offer great support, as well as providing an opportunity for the participants to network.

Caden’s desire to give back to the community he’s been a part of since day one is epitomised in his Young Entrepreneurship Programme (YEP). Through this scheme, Caden mentors and supports a select group of young people, aged between 17 and 24, as they set up businesses across a range of industries. The programme aims to provide the participants with the skills and attributes they need to thrive as entrepreneurs and leaders.

Caden’s determination to succeed and provide support to other entrepreneurs has seen him rise to the forefront of his industry. He currently heads up a marketing committee which advises the Welsh Government on the future of marketing and advertising in Wales, as well as serving on the board of the Wales Export Growth Network. In May 2020, Caden was also elected vice-president of the British Advertising Agencies, a first for a marketer.

Why Marketing Is A Priority

Caden’s journey to success is a shining example of the power of marketing to create change. It’s an area of expertise he brings with him from day one.

In 2016, just 18% of Caden’s total revenue came from marketing spend, compared to 29% in 2015 and 23% in 2014. This is because marketing departments have become much more sophisticated at working with digital marketers to achieve specific goals and measure the success of campaigns.

The importance of marketing in a business is often overlooked, but it’s a field that can make or break a company. That’s why it’s worth taking the time to become an expert in.