Girl Gamer Mary Castillo: The Girl Gamer Who Loves Gaming and Marketing

You’ve probably seen gamer as a male stereotype- the sort of person who spends most of their time sitting in front of a screen, focused on their digital game world rather than the real one around them. But just because most people think of gamers when it comes to video games doesn’t mean that there aren’t any badass females who play them too! We’re here to shed light on six amazing women who prove that there’s more than one way to game.

1. Zoë Castillo

You might know Zoë Castillo from her YouTube channel, ZoëCastillo, where she documents her gameplay of various video games as well as interviews with game developers and other content creators. She’s been playing and documenting video games since she was a kid and even appeared on the Travel Channel’s The Explorer TV show in 2016 discussing her love of video games and technology.

Zoë has been a gamer since she was six years old and credits her love of gaming to her dad, who she calls her biggest inspiration. “I grew up with a dad who was into technology, and I guess video games are just a small way for me to repay him for all of the help he’s given me,” she told Tech Radar. “I love playing with my dad as well because it’s good competition.”

2. Mary Castillo

Next on our list is Mary Castillo, better known as @thatgirlonfire on Twitter. She’s the founder and CEO of the gaming blog, That Girl On Fire and a seasoned gamer who delights in proving wrong those who think that gaming girls don’t exist. On her blog, Mary documents her gameplay videos of various games and occasionally chats with the developers of the games she plays. In addition to game blogging, she also runs a YouTube channel, MaryCastillo, where she documents her travels and gameplay episodes with her friends. She’s also the co-host of another YouTube channel, All Things Gaming, along with her brother Evan.

Like many other gamers on this list, Mary was first inspired to blog about video games by her brother, who she called “the biggest gaming inspiration of all time.” As she started documenting her gameplay on Twitter, she noticed that there weren’t any other bloggers out there who were living and breathing gaming and were able to engage with her readers. So she decided to create her own space to discuss her favorite topics- gaming and social media. “I didn’t think I’d be able to connect with so many people who share the same interests as me- it honestly never occurred to me that there’d be other girls who love gaming as much as I do,” she told

3. Casey Murrain

With a resume that includes serving as the Community Manager for Xbox and Play Station, creating and participating in various social media platforms for video game publishers and developers, and handling PR for a virtual marketing agency, it’s no surprise that Casey Murrain is on our list. Casey is also the founder of the gaming blog, Casey’s Corner, which she started as a hobby when she was just 14 years old. Today, with the help of her friends, family, and fellow bloggers, Casey’s blog is one of the biggest and most popular blogs in the industry.

Casey told Tech Radar that she started gaming as an escape from real life and got into it because it was something different. “I started when I was 14 years old and discovered that it was a way for me to escape from real life,” she said. “I used to play on my parent’s old Mac, which didn’t have a lot of computing power, and I loved it. It was such a freeing experience.”

4. Drea Mulligan

Drea Mulligan is the voice of many a young gamer’s idol. A five-time Emmy award winner, Drea is best known for her role as ‘Vicki’ on the long-running Canadian series, Dark Matter. She’s also been featured on Game Show Hosts, narrated a number of documentaries for TV, and lent her vocal talents to dozens of video game demos.

Drea told Tech Radar that she started gaming when she was a little girl and credits her early experiences with helping to shape her into the voice actress she is today. “I started when I was a little girl and discovered that there was an audience for everything related to video games,” she said. “I loved watching TV shows and documentaries about video games, so I decided to do the same.”

5. Selena Scott

Selena Scott is another seasoned gamer who’s built an impressive career in Hollywood, winning a Gemini for Best Performance in a Dramatic Series for her work on the AMC series, Halt and Catch Fire. She currently stars in the SyFy series, Defiance, which is based on the popular multiplayer online Battle Arena game, and has been seen in films like Star Wars: The Last Jedi, X-Men: Apocalypse, and Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War.

Selena told Tech Radar that she started gaming after she graduated college and immediately got into the workforce. She started out as a legal assistant at a large law firm in New York City and was able to bring her experience working with attorneys to her role as an assistant gameplay editor at a major gaming magazine. She also served as the Community Manager for a social media agency.

6. Brittany Cunningham

Brittany Cunningham is the director of content strategy at StackCommerce, a digital commerce software company known for its affiliate programs and online marketplace. With a background in marketing and communications as well as a passion for both marketing and gaming, Brittany is the ideal person to head up this list. For the past several years, she’s worked with brands like Subway, HP, HP Probook, and Meineke to help them understand and engage with gamers and social media users.

Brittany told Tech Radar that she started gaming as a way to escape from real life and became “very addicted” to it. “I would come home from school and play on my Nintendo until my fingers bled,” she said. “I was so focused on my controller that I didn’t notice the hours had gone by. Now that I’m an adult, I realize how much time I wasted playing video games.”

Though she still plays once in a while, Brittany doesn’t rely on video games to fuel her life. She instead credits her success in life to her passion for fitness and a decent vodka cocktail.

The next time you’re playing, consider who you’re playing with and why you’re playing. You might just surprise yourself at how much fun you have and how much you learn along the way.