How to Market Your Press Kit Online

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re either a journalist or a PR professional.

You might be wondering how to go about marketing your press kit, which holds all of the important details about your organization’s media coverage and is arguably the most critical component of a PR campaign.

It’s a great tool to have, but keeping it up-to-date can be quite a chore. That’s why I’m here. I’ll teach you the best ways to keep your press kit fresh and ready to go with the press of a button.

Create A Blog

Blogs are one of the most critical components of any digital marketing campaign.

They’re easier to find, and they provide a perfect snapshot of your organization and its activities.

In a nutshell, a blog is like a press kit for the internet. It allows you to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, and it does so by continually providing interesting and engaging content to your target audience.

The most effective blogs are those that are written in a journalistic style and contain a small amount of engaging content. They’re also incredibly useful for SEO purposes.

Get Active On Social Media

Any marketing campaign worth its salt must incorporate social media.

It’s a vital tool for engaging with prospective customers and creating buzz around your organization or brand.

You can use social media to listen and respond to your audience, hold real-time debates, and share important information about your company.

Your social media strategy should revolve around your target audience. What are they interested in? What platform does your best fit?

For example, if you’re trying to grow your audience within the tech industry, you might want to concentrate on using relevant hashtags on Twitter and create engaging content for the ‘tech’ section of Wikipedia.

Keep Your Content Fresh

The information in your press kit is only as good as the last time you updated it.

It’s a common cause of concern for PR professionals to see their press kits become outdated quickly after they’ve been built.

The best way to ensure that your press kit is up-to-date and contains all of the right information is to keep it regular and consistent. That means updating it at least once a year, if not more frequently.

Create Video Content

Videos are one of the most engaging forms of content available online.

They offer a quick overview of your organization, allow you to explain the details of your company in a more personal manner, and sometimes even include interviews with subject matter experts from within your organization.

The catch is that videos need to be short. If you want to grab the attention of your audience, you need to keep your videos under three minutes.

Get The Right Equipment

It’s critical to have the right equipment when shooting videos. You don’t want to shoot something on your phone or computer’s webcam, because low-quality videos will hurt your marketing efforts.

So, get that tripod you rarely use, and set up a nice little area in your home or office. You might want to invest in a small screen or projector for an even better viewing experience.

Then, prepare to master a quick and easy editing process. With a little know-how and some software, you can turn your videos into engaging pieces of content that will have your audience wanting more.

Launch A Website

While blogging and creating videos are both great ways to engage with your audience, websites are the best of all worlds.

They allow you to have an engaging experience that is both informative and fun to visit. Plus, you can have the added bonus of staying relevant on your audience’s mind as they scroll through your content.

If you’re looking for ways to engage with your audience, a website is the best option. It combines all of the digital marketing tactics we’ve discussed and allows you to use the resources you’ve already established to build a community around your company.

To do this, you need to focus on creating content that is both informative and entertaining, and get the word out there about your website. Then, you can use online tools like Google Analytics to track the results of your digital marketing efforts.

Use A/B Testing

In order to have the best chance at success with any form of marketing, you need to constantly tinker with and test new ideas to see what works best. That’s why you need to set up a test group and split test different versions of your marketing material.

For example, if you’re running an email marketing campaign, you can try two versions, one with a short description of your offer followed by an extended one.

You can also test the frequency of your emails and the order in which you send them. More often than not, A/B testing reveals the best course of action, and it allows you to establish best practices for your team.

Measure The Results Of Your Campaign

If you’re new to digital marketing, it can be quite the task to determine the effectiveness of your campaign.

Luckily, there are tools like Google Analytics that can help you gauge the success of your digital marketing initiatives.

You can use this tool to track the results of your blog posts, videos, and social media activity. Then, you can use the funnel analysis to determine which content is most effective and determine how you can best put together a digital marketing plan for the future.

Put All Of This Together

So, with all of this in mind, let’s revisit how we got here.

You, the PR professional, have a dream client who you’ve been pitching for months. They’re the perfect fit for your organization, and you’ve got the perfect proposal to land them.

This is your chance to shine, and you can’t let them down. You’ve got to make sure that they hear your pitch and, as a result, commit to working with you.

To do this, you need a plan. You can use the tools we’ve discussed to build a solid foundation for your campaign, and then you can fine-tune the process as you go along. With a little bit of luck, you can put this all into practice and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.