Blue Envelope Online – How to Grow Your Media, Sales & Marketing

The world of online marketing is constantly changing, and with each new development, there is a brand that rises to the top to prove it was built to succeed online. One of these brands is Blue Envelope.

Founded in 2012, Blue Envelope is a virtual mall for boutique brands and designers. Its crown jewel is an e-commerce platform that allows for the sale of designer goods. The site also houses a curated collection of products from small to mid-sized business brands, all presented in an inviting and friendly way.

With strategic branding, a killer product, and impressive digital marketing, Blue Envelope is the perfect example of an online success story.

Why Blue Envelope?

With the rise of e-commerce, virtual malls are becoming a popular option for online shoppers. Blue Envelope is riding the wave and has become a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts seeking the best online shopping experience. In fact, in 2022 the site reported 1.2 million visitors each month and an 89% increase in sales over the previous year.

The fashion scene is also evolving, with more individuals turning to digital platforms to research and buy clothes online. According to the NPD group, online research as a proportion of total research increased by 69% in the United Kingdom in 2019 compared to 2018. This trend is expected to continue as consumers gain more trust in digital shopping.

These developments mean the fashion niche is becoming more accessible to small businesses, especially those looking to build their brand on a digital platform.

Key Facts About Blue Envelope

Founded by Simon Collison and Gary Brown – who previously worked together at M&S Bank – Blue Envelope is headquartered in London and has offices in Hong Kong and Boston.

It has also raised £30 million in funding from Balderton Capital, M&S Bank, Creative Ventures, and North Bridge Venture Partners.

The business has also been nominated for the E-commerce Awards in both the Tech Track and Brand Building/Delivery & Customer Satisfaction categories.

What To Expect From Blue Envelope

When arriving at, the first thing you will notice is the bright blue envelopes for sale offered by the store. These are a staple item for the brand, which serves as a subtle reminder of where you are and a call to action to purchase the items inside.

The site’s homepage is also a feast for the eyes, with lots of white space, bright blue accents, and a beautiful minimalistic aesthetic. The focal point of the page is a mountain showcasing the unique and diverse range of brands available on the site.

From the homepage, you can navigate to different regions of the site (US, UK, and Europe) or explore the different product categories (clothing, accessories, and gift cards).

Each region and category showcases a selection of brands, meaning you can quickly get a feel for what the site is all about. The US section is broken down into California, Colorado, and Illinois, while the UK’s offering is divided into Birmingham, Leeds, and London.

The section for Europe, on the other hand, is comprised of various cities, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Milan.

Under each brand name, you will find a short bio, a price tag, and a big red button that takes you to the product’s page. These buttons direct you to a high-quality product shot with easy access to the company’s social media channels and website.

On the product pages, you will find a variety of product information including size, stock availability, and customer reviews, as well as a small section promoting other brands and products that the company thinks are complementary or associated with the brand in some way.

Along with the product information, you will find a short description of what the product is, how it works, and any special features or benefits. To save you time, the product pages also house a ‘Go to Shop’ button that links to the company’s e-commerce platform.

The e-commerce platform is broken down into three sections: (1) the ‘Explore’ section, (2) the ‘Shop’ section, and (3) the ‘Checkout’ section. The ‘Explore’ section is where you will find all the products the company offers, presented in a way that is easy to navigate. The ‘Shop’ section allows for the purchase of these products, with the ‘Checkout’ section functioning as your order confirmation page.

From the e-commerce platform, you can return to the homepage by selecting the ‘Return to Blue Envelope’ button. Alternatively, you can navigate to the different regions of the site and explore the different product categories, or you can sign up for a free account and access all the products the site has to offer.

A crucial part of the Blue Envelope strategy is building and maintaining lasting relationships with its brand partners. The company works hard to create long-term value for its customers through sustainable business practices, investing in new products and technologies, and hiring exceptionally talented individuals.