Birmingham Online Marketing Firm – How to Find the Right Company for Your Business

It’s a common scenario. You’re searching for a new job, maybe even a new country, and you come across an ad seeking digital marketing experts. Suddenly, you’re thrown into a job interview loop.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

  • Handsome salary
  • Great work environment
  • An opportunity to grow with the company
  • A new challenge
  • A change of scenery

If you’re looking for a new challenge, the above list sums up everything you might want. It’s not a bad list at all. But in reality, your choice for the job will be determined by far more than the listed criteria. You’ll have to dig deeper and really consider what type of person you want to work with. This article will advise you on how to find the right company for your business. It will cover everything from the digital marketing role you are seeking, the tech stack, the geography, and more.

Role And Responsibilities

The role of a digital marketer is to drive marketing success through a combination of strategy, digital marketing tactics and measurement. As a digital marketer at the forefront of this field, you will be responsible for defining and implementing a marketing program that delivers quantifiable results.

You’ll be working closely with other departments in the company, especially the sales team, to get the job done. To round out the role, here are some of the usual responsibilities that come with the job:

  • Plan and execute marketing campaigns using digital marketing platforms
  • Create effective content that will attract, engage and convert visitors to leads and customers
  • Manage online reputation and monitor brand safety
  • Use analytics to review and improve marketing performance
  • Leverage the latest marketing technologies and methodologies to provide value and generate growth
  • Research and analyse market trends and best practices to inform future strategic marketing planning

Technical Stack

If you’re reading this and wondering what the technical stack is, it’s the combination of tools, platforms and applications that a company uses to accomplish a given task. When you’re choosing a company to work for, make sure that they’re using the latest technologies to streamline their processes and workflows.

Having a clear idea of what their technical stack is will give you an insight into how well they can carry out the work you’re ordering and how efficient their processes are. Having too many applications and tools crammed into one place, duplicating efforts and creating chaos is a recipe for disaster. Especially in a world where software updates can render an application obsolete. By standardizing their tech stack, companies prevent huge amounts of downtime and frustration. They also cut down on staff training needs. Standardizing tools and platforms also makes it much easier for new employees to get up to speed.


Where you will be working is also vital to consider. For that reason, you should research the location and do some research into the local economy. Are clients and customers in the area? Are they traveling to the area for work or leisure?

There are some well-known SEO (search engine optimization) cliches that go like this:

“People who live and breathe SEO.”

” SEO is a 24/7/365 job. “

“It’s not just about getting links.”

All of these say it best: SEO is a constantly evolving field that requires knowledge and attention to details. You’ll be responsible for implementing strategies to improve the local search rankings of a website.

Depending on how highly you value your free time, you might not want to choose a place that’s too far away. Especially if the above mentioned items matter to you, consider a less remote location. Even with the above mentioned benefits, you’ll still want a good balance between your personal and work life. So, weigh the pros and cons and choose the best location for yourself.

Compensation And Benefits

What are the compensation packages like? Are they adequate for the role you’re seeking? One thing to keep in mind is that salaries can vary widely. Some firms may not even have a typical salary structure at all.

Generally, you’ll start out on a low-to-mid six figures and can make good money overtime if you perform well. While the above mentioned responsibilities are important, you must also consider the benefits that a company can offer you. In most cases, a firm will provide you with a health insurance package, a defined pension plan, and, in some cases, a bonus plan or profit sharing scheme. All-in-all, it can be a lucrative career path.

When researching benefits, make sure that you look into the overall package and not just the listed benefits. Many firms will provide you with additional benefits that you might not know about. Do your research and find out what’s included.

Things To Remember

Now, let’s discuss some of the things that you should remember when choosing a company to work for.