Online Course: Best Structured Online Course for Beginners 2105 Marketing

Why Should You Enroll In This Online Course?

As the name suggests, this course is for beginners, so if you’re just getting started or if you’re looking for an in-demand career change, then this course is for you.

Marketing is a broad area, so even if you have a general idea of what advertising and marketing are, this course will teach you the theory and application of marketing in the digital world.

This course contains everything you need to know to become a confident marketer, including:

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Analytics
  • Marketing Automation
  • Pricing
  • Campaign Management
  • E-commerce
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing

Who Is This Course For?

If you’re looking for an in-demand job in marketing, you’ll love this course. It’ll give you the knowledge and skills to pursue that career.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to get started, including how to build a robust strategy and the theory behind marketing. Once you complete this course, you’ll be equipped to develop your own marketing strategy for any brand or company.

Additionally, this course is for anyone who’s looking for a fast-track to a rewarding career in marketing. Whether you’re looking to change careers or to simply develop a new career focus, this course will have you building your portfolio and preparing for the future.

Key Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you’ll have developed the following skills:

  • An understanding of digital marketing fundamentals
  • The ability to create marketing plans and analysis for your own business or project
  • An understanding of SEO and how to use it to grow your traffic and leads
  • The ability to use analytics to track the results of your own marketing efforts
  • A basic knowledge of marketing automation and how to use automated emails to engage with customers
  • Pricing strategies for digital products
  • The ability to design a winning digital marketing campaign
  • E-commerce marketing and design
  • Understanding of social media platforms and how to use them to grow your business
  • How to use inbound marketing to grow your business

While this course won’t give you a complete picture of marketing, it will give you the knowledge and skills to become a confident and effective marketer.

What Will You Discover In This Course?

The following will teach you everything you need to know about digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

This module will give you the broad understanding of digital marketing that you need to know for the rest of the course. You’ll learn about search engine optimization (SEO), which is the process of increasing the number of visitors to your site by improving the visibility of your content in search results.

You’ll start by learning about the most basic concepts of SEO, including why SEO is important and the anatomy of a successful SEO campaign. Then you’ll move onto learning how to become a more SEO-savvy manager. This will include everything from improving your SEO through better content to using digital marketing to grow your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is not just about increasing your website’s visibility in search results. You’ll also learn how to strategically use SEO to improve your social media platforms’ presence.

In this module, you’ll learn the ins and outs of SEO, including how to create keyword-rich content, how to properly use the keywords in your content, and how to measure the success of your SEO strategy.


Every business owner, entrepreneur, or marketer should know the value of proper analytics. However, many still hesitate to invest in analytics tools, which hinder their understanding of the true nature of their data. This module will help you understand the value of proper analytics and how to use them to analyze the growth of your business or project.

You’ll learn the importance of gathering accurate data and how to use it to find the root of your problems. Then you’ll move onto designing appropriate experiments to find the answers you seek. Once you have the data, you can begin to make some meaningful inferences and analyze the results of your experiments. This module will equip you to become a data-driven marketer who can accurately predict the results of your campaigns and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools like HubSpot automate the collection of marketing materials such as emails and landing pages. These tools make it easy to maintain a consistent campaign, which improves the efficiency of your entire organization. This module will teach you how to utilize marketing automation to achieve marketing goals more efficiently.

You’ll learn about the main features of HubSpot, including email marketing, landing pages, and more. Then you’ll move onto learning how to plan and design a marketing automation strategy for your own business or project.


Cost is one of the primary considerations for any business, whether it’s a small side project or a full-blown marketing campaign. In today’s digital world, pricing is even more important as you’ll have to consider the various pricing models, including free, paid, and subscription-based models.

You’ll learn the three basic models of paid marketing, including how to choose the right one for your business, project, or campaign. Once you know which model to choose, you can begin to set the right price for your product or service.

Campaign Management

Every business, brand, or organization should have a clear strategy in place to ensure their marketing efforts are cohesive and focused. This module will help you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for your own business or project. You’ll learn how to create a brand voice, develop marketing materials, and choose the right platforms to disseminate your content.

You’ll put together a marketing plan, including objectives, and develop key benchmarks for measuring the success of your strategy.


Last but not least, we have e-commerce. If you’re looking for a fast-track to an in-demand job, this is the module for you. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the online stores your customers visit, including how to set up a professional-looking online store.

You’ll learn the ins and outs of e-commerce, including the different types of online stores and how to choose the right one for your business.

Whether you’re looking to change careers or simply want to develop a new one, this course will give you the skills to become a confident and successful marketer. So go ahead and sign up now!