Best Online Marketing Courses for 2020

If you’re looking for a new gig, why not consider marketing? Between 2020 and 2029, the field is expected to grow by 12%. That’s nearly as much as the overall population of the U.S. in the next five years.

With so much opportunity, it’s no wonder that 2020 was coined the “Year of the Online Marketers” as businesses shifted to an almost entirely digital marketing sphere. Companies like HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot have created lucrative careers for future marketing professionals.

If you’re considering a career change, or just want to test the water and see what’s available, check out these marketing courses and training programs.

Marketing Management

With the advent of the internet, digital marketing was transformed. Before the web, the only way businesses could truly target their marketing efforts was through newspapers, magazines, and television. With websites and online stores, all of a sudden, it was possible to have a direct impact on a business’ bottom line without ever having to spend a penny on traditional marketing methods.

While digital marketing has made our world a lot smaller, it has also created a lot of jobs. Countless firms like HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot have blossomed, enabling even more professionals to enter the field. Now is the perfect time for you to explore the wonderful world of marketing management.

This is an invaluable skill for any professional in today’s marketing landscape. You’ll need to know how to set up automated email campaigns, manage social media platforms, and analyze website traffic—all while keeping track of budgets and planning ahead. Plus, you’ll gain the ability to develop a marketing strategy and spearhead the marketing plan on behalf of a client.

Marketing Analytics

When it comes to marketing analytics, the data is plentiful—and it’s constantly growing. Thanks to the internet and digital marketing, businesses now have access to an endless pool of information about their customers, leads, and supporters.

Thanks to businesses like Qtrly and Google Analytics, it’s now possible to gain insights into the performance of online marketing channels, gain a better understanding of the behavior of customers, and track the effectiveness of campaigns and programs. This is big news for marketing professionals, as the world of marketing analytics is a massive one.

Deciding which analytics tool to use can be difficult. While some firms like Google Analytics can be used for free, others like Qtrly require a paid subscription. When choosing an analytics tool, consider your needs. Are you looking for user-friendly interfaces, or do you need detailed reports? Do you need to integrate your data with other platforms, like Salesforce or Google sheets?

Digital Marketing And E-commerce

The internet created an ecosystem in which businesses could thrive and connect with consumers. Thanks to e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Wistia, and Bonjoro, along with the growth of social media, a consumer can now interact with a brand directly through their smartphone.

This connection between marketer and consumer is now possible because of the internet. Thanks to programs like Marketo’s Digital Marketing Degree, you can learn the ins and outs of digital marketing strategy from the ground up. Learn to build trust with customers through content creation, social media, and e-commerce.

You’ll need to have a firm understanding of SEO, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, and analytical marketing—just to name a few.

Online Marketing Specialties

Today’s marketing landscape is diverse, enabling professionals to find a niche that suits them. While most enter the field with a passion for marketing communications, many later discover a specialization and become an expert in one area.

Thanks to platforms like LinkedIn, you can gain a ton of valuable certifications and specialties—like SEO, email marketing, or performance marketing—without having to spend a fortune on formal education. In fact, you can often find courses and certificates that are aligned with your desired specialty.

If you decide that marketing analytics is the specialty you want to pursue, you can gain a competitive edge by acquiring the Certified Marketing Analyst certificate through the Data and Analytics Specialty Alliance.

Get The Degree

If you’re looking to enter the field of marketing and you have a background in communications, you could pursue a marketing degree at a reputable institution. With numerous online degrees, you can gain the education you need to become an expert in marketing with minimal financial investment.

To do this, explore the marketing degree options available to you.

You’ll need to choose an institution that has a strong reputation and is well-known for its marketing programs. Ensure that the program you select is accredited by the Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) and is officially recognized by the American Advertising Federation (AAF).

Once you gain your degree, you can pursue a job in marketing, or you can further specialize and pursue a career in marketing management, analytics, or digital marketing.