Online Digital Marketing Open Courseware: The Best Online Marketing Courses Available

The Covid-19 pandemic saw many businesses close down and education suffer. Online learning became a safe haven for students, allowing them to continue their studies while working remotely. In the UK, over 1.7 million students registered to study online, with the number expected to rise to 3 million by the summer of 2021.

Learning online has many benefits, but it also has its downsides. One major downside is the access to information. With over a million web pages crammed with content and millions of blogs turning up online every day, it’s incredibly easy for students to get distracted by the plethora of information and content available online and become disheartened when learning. Add to that the competitive nature of many online courses, where students fear missing out on the ‘action’ and being left behind, and you can see how this could all add up to poor retention of knowledge and a decrease in engagement. 

Luckily, there are now several excellent courses that can boost your knowledge and help you overcome those feelings of intimidation and overwhelm when learning online. Here, we’re going to run down the best online marketing courses available, as well as the pros and cons of each one.

Choosing the Right Online Marketing Course For You

When choosing an online marketing course, you need to bear in mind a few things. First, you want to find a course that suits your needs. Do you want an interactive environment where you can practice and apply your knowledge? Or do you want to be able to just watch videos and listen to podcasts?.

One of the best things about MOOCs (massive open online courses) is the ability to tailor them to your needs. If you’re looking for a course that requires little to no interaction, you can always take a look at the free online marketing courses provided by the likes of Coursera and Udemy. These types of courses don’t require you to log in to access resources, allowing you to work remotely while also continuing your studies. If you’re struggling with practice resources or needing additional support, you can also look into the many pro bono resources available online, where talented marketers will be more than willing to help you out for free.

Top-Notch Content, Practical Application And Real-Life Feedback

Besides selecting a course that suits your needs, you also need to be sure that what you’re learning is valuable and high-quality. It’s very tempting to sign up for a free online marketing course and simply have it delivered to you, in the hopes of learning something new and being able to apply it right away. Unfortunately, this often means that you’re getting substandard education. 

Take a look at the course material from Blue Moon Marketing. This is the kind of course you’ll want to avoid if you’re looking for high-quality content.

In Blue Moon’s case, students will learn everything from scratch, so there’s no pre-made content to fall back on. Every lesson is based on a real case study, and every exercise is designed to help you implement what you’ve learned. This leads to a more complete and immersive learning experience, where students are not just learning the theory, but are being provided with live case studies and examples of how to apply their knowledge in real life scenarios.

Pro-Feature-Filled Course Materials

If you’re taking an online marketing course and don’t have access to the course materials, it’s quite a frustrating experience. One of the best things about MOOCs is that the course materials are usually made available to all students. This allows you to complete the course even if you don’t have access to a computer or the internet. 

The advantage of having access to the course materials is that you can learn at your own pace. If you’ve got a question about what you’re learning, you can either search for the answer or go back and watch the video again to see if it answers your question. In the end, this may be a more efficient and effective way to learn. 

Real-Life Application

Another advantage of online courses is that they allow you to apply your knowledge directly to a real-life situation. While in theory, you’re only learning marketing theory and how to apply it to a fictitious business or individual, in practice, you’re learning how to apply what you’ve learned to a brand new business or campaign. 

The application of your knowledge is, generally, more effective than simply learning the theory. However, no matter what method of learning you choose, be sure to apply what you learn as soon as possible. Chances are, you’ll learn a lot more in the process and be able to make better decisions as a result. 

Real-Time Tutoring And Other Benefits

One of the major advantages of online learning is that you have access to some of the greatest tutors in the world, 24/7. If you get stuck on something and don’t have the skill to figure it out, you can usually find someone to help you out. 

One great benefit of having tutors and other students helping you out is that you’re not just learning the information for the sake of it. While it’s certainly beneficial to have an education and learn as much as you can, oftentimes, the reason you’re learning this information is because there is a purpose behind it. Someone is taking the time to teach you because they see a need to and feel that you’re capable of handling this information and applying it correctly.

The Pros And Cons Of Taking An Online Marketing Course

Now, the pros and cons of taking an online marketing course. First, the good: 

  • Access To Top-Notch Content
  • Practical Application
  • Real-Life Feedback
  • Pro-Feature-Filled Course Materials
  • Real-Time Tutoring

Taking an online marketing course is great because you’ve got access to some of the most valuable and high-quality content available online. The material is generally well-written, and the lessons are taught by industry experts and successful marketers. In addition, you’re getting access to all of this information and being able to learn at your own pace. This may mean spending more time on some tasks and less time on others, but you’ll still be learning something new every day.

On the down side, there are several courses out there that aren’t as good, which brings us to our next point.

Substandard Education

Just because a course is available online does not mean that it’s good. You’ve got to be sure that what you’re learning is valuable and practical. If you’re taking a free online marketing course, it’s quite a common scenario for the content to be substandard. Lots of courses are available online for free, so you’re bound to come across some pretty bad and untrustworthy content if you don’t do your research first. Before you dive in, be sure that you’re not wasting your time and that you’re not being fooled by any suspicious looking marketing gurus out there who are just looking to trick you into spending money on their products or services. 

Time Commitment

Another major con of taking an online marketing course is the time commitment. Even if you’re just doing it for fun or as a side hobby, remember that you’re going to be learning something new every day. In order to make the most of your time and ensure that you’re not wasting it, you’re going to have to set some time aside every day for learning. Maybe mornings are best for you, in which case, you’re going to be setting aside a certain number of hours each day in which you’re committed to learning. You can’t just flick on a computer or mobile device and expect to be instantly able to start learning marketing. You’ve got to put in the time and effort to learn the information correctly. While it’s certainly beneficial to have an internet connection and access to online resources, you’re still going to have to block off certain hours of the day to focus on your studies.