Best Online Marketing Courses for 2017

With the ever-changing digital world, staying relevant is key to thriving as a marketer. For those interested in progressing their digital marketing skills, there are now a variety of courses and learning platforms available online.

This year, a number of renowned brands have released online marketing courses, paving the way for future workers in the field. From paid marketing to SEO and content strategy, here’s a quick guide to find the best online marketing courses for 2017.

Digital Marketing Specialties That You Can Learn

Since its inception, digital marketing has become an integral part of market research and sales, and now it’s time for you to enter the field and begin your digital marketing career. The specialties available for you to learn range from digital marketing analytics to measurement and management, so it’s truly important to choose the right specialization for you.

The digital marketing landscape is expanding, meaning there are more opportunities for you to specialize in. For instance, you may want to become an expert in digital marketing analytics, or you may want to focus your studies on SEO, content strategy, or PPC (pay-per-click marketing).

One of the best things about online marketing courses is that not only can you learn what you want, but you also have access to a community of other students and tutors who are there to help you. The virtual world of online learning makes it easier for you to gain real-life experience while still keeping your schedule flexible enough to fit around your studies.

Top-Rated Digital Marketing Courses That You Can Learn

Aerotouch Solutions, a leading provider of sales training and consultancy, has published a list of the best-rated online marketing courses, as determined by the education providers themselves. Courses are rated based on the feedback from other students, as well as the exam scores published by the education providers.

You may be wondering why these courses are rated so highly, and it’s not just because they’re reputable organizations; it’s because they’re reputable organizations that have created amazing learning environments. Take a look at some of the top-rated digital marketing courses available and consider what you might learn if you were to complete them:

Marketing Analytics Specialty

Hootsuite’s Marketing Analytics Certificate is widely regarded as one of the best digital marketing courses available, and for good reason. Not only do you get to specialize in one of the most in-demand jobs in digital marketing, but you also get an education that will prepare you for a fulfilling career in the field. Not only that, but you’ll also learn how to interpret data, design marketing plans, and effectively use analytics tools.

What makes this course so special is that unlike other digital marketing courses, you’re not just learning the theory; you’re applying what you’ve learned in practice while taking part in live projects. For example, before you begin your studies, you’ll need to identify a target demographic for a business or brand. While you’re completing the course, you’ll conduct research, identify goals, and create a marketing plan to take to a professional audience. The assignments for this course are extensive, and there’s a lot of material to cover, so be sure you’ve got the time to commit to it.

SEM Specialty

SEOMoz’s Search Engine Marketing Specialty is another top-rated course that you can learn for your future in the field. Not only does this certification program prepare you for a job in search engine marketing, but it also gives you the opportunity to specialize in SEO, content creation, or paid marketing. Once again, the course emphasizes practical knowledge over theoretical knowledge, and you’ll gain in-demand job skills and gain real-life experience by completing the training.

Not only does this specialty provide you with the chance to become an expert in a specific area of digital marketing, but it also allows you to choose the locations where you will undertake your studies. You can either choose to do your studies in-house at the SEO division of a big company, or you can register with a smaller business that may not have the in-house capacity to provide you with the experience you will need.

What Are the Main Entry Points into Digital Marketing?

As you work through these courses, you will become more aware of the main entry points into digital marketing. This way, you’ll be able to structure your studies to best prepare you for a career in the field.

Entry points vary from one course to the next, but there are some broad areas that you may need to study before you apply for a job. For example, you may want to study content strategy, SEO, or PPC in-house before you graduate. Alternatively, you may want to consider taking a business course that will prepare you for the job you will land (Marketing Management, or Business Administration are popular choices).

Top-Notch Course For Those Who Want to Specialize in SEO

If you want to specialize in SEO (search engine optimization), then Hootsuite’s SEO Certificate is worth a look. The course provides you with the basic knowledge needed to begin your studies in-house or as a freelancer. Once you’ve completed the training, you’ll be able to design and conduct SEO analysis, build effective SEO campaigns, and analyze the results of your campaigns. This is a popular choice for those who want to become SEO specialists, as well as those who want to learn the basics and then specialize in more advanced areas of the field.

Not only does this course provide you with the knowledge you need to become an SEO specialist, but it also gives you the opportunity to work on live projects as you study, so you can better understand what you’re learning.

PPC Specialty

If you’re interested in learning more about pay-per-click marketing, then Wordstream’s PPC Specialty is a perfect choice. This specialty is built around one of the most in-demand digital marketing platforms, Google AdWords, so you’ll gain invaluable practical experience by completing this course. As with the SEO course mentioned above, this course provides you with the knowledge you need to begin your studies in-house or as a freelancer. Once you’ve completed the training, you’ll be able to use tools like Google AdWords and Bing Ads to plan, design, and manage successful PPC campaigns.

This is a very hands-on course, with a heavy emphasis on practical knowledge, so you’ll be able to put what you’ve learned into practice as soon as you’ve completed it.