Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing – Online vs Traditional Degree

There are now more options available to students when choosing where to study in the UAE. More and more learners are gaining access to online degrees and discovering the benefits that this mode of learning has to offer.

Traditional learning which mostly comprises of campus based studies, alongside lectures and seminars, offers enriching learning experiences. However, for those who are seeking immediate and independent learning, online degrees provide flexibility and enhanced opportunities. Let’s explore how online degrees fit within the marketing field and the benefits that they offer.

How Does Online Fit Within The Marketing Field?

In the past, gaining employment in the field of marketing was mainly limited to those who had a traditional degree. Companies sought individuals with a formal qualification in this area and even then, roles were often linked to a specific company or brand. Now, with the development of online universities, and courses that can be completed entirely from the comfort of your home, the job market for marketers has greatly expanded. In fact, according to HubSpot, by 2022 over 300,000 new jobs will be available within the field of marketing. It is likely that more and more people will choose to study online as the benefits are many and the convenience is obvious.

For those seeking to gain knowledge in marketing, it is advisable to consider an online degree as a means of achieving this goal. These courses can be completed via traditional offline methods or via a mixture of online learning and traditional learning. If you are seeking a flexible way to gain knowledge in a shorter amount of time then consider studying online. The benefit of online learning is that you can study at your own pace, whenever and wherever you decide. You also have the option of interacting with other students as well as professors via live chat, email or video conferencing tools.

The Advantages Of An Online Bachelor’s Degree In Marketing

Apart from expanding the range of careers open to those without a traditional marketing degree, completing an online degree also gives you access to a wealth of additional learning opportunities. Here are just some of the advantages of an online bachelor’s degree in marketing:


Flexibility is one of the major benefits of studying online. With online universities, you can study full-time or part-time and take your studies where and when you want. According to the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) it is estimated that by 2020 the number of job opportunities in the field of marketing will increase by 25%. This increase is due mainly to the growing number of people studying online and the flexibility this brings. If you are looking to gain employment in a field that you feel is lacking in your portfolio then consider a marketing degree online. Additionally, you can further your studies and gain new skill sets by taking up courses in marketing management, digital marketing, or even market research. It is important to note that although the role marketing management may not exist yet, the need for individuals with an understanding of Marketing planning and Strategy is crucial for any business.

Learning By Doing

With a traditional marketing degree you will likely be expected to sit through a series of lectures and seminars with little or no opportunity to apply what you have learnt in practice. To gain some experience, you will likely have to attend a number of workshops and webinars and complete a project or assignment that is due at the end of the course. Although it may seem like a waste of time, learning by doing is an important part of any formal education. Without it, you may never truly learn anything and even if you do, you will soon forget what you have learnt. By applying what you have learnt in practice in a series of short but relevant assignments, you will be ensuring that you learn something new and that you retain what you have learnt for the future.

Increased Confidence

Having confidence is an important part of any successful career. However, lacking confidence can hold you back from further study or even employment. If you are seeking a degree in marketing then you will need to have confidence in your ability to communicate, interact and network with others. The good news is that with a marketing degree you will gain confidence in yourself, your skills and your ability to solve problems. Additionally, you will gain confidence in your ability to present yourself professionally and to interact with others on a business and personal level.

Lower Costs

Unlike traditional universities that charge students high tuition fees and provide them with low-quality teaching, online universities are more affordable. Not only is the cost of studying much cheaper, but you will also be able to access a wealth of additional learning resources. Although there are no exact figures available, it is estimated that the average student pays around $150 per year for their course. This may not seem like a lot, but when you consider that most students are on this support at least for their first year, it adds up. If you are seeking to study at a cheaper rate then consider an online university. Additionally, you will be able to access additional support if you run into any problems. More and more students are managing to complete their bachelor’s degree in marketing entirely online. This is mainly due to the flexibility that the online mode of study offers and the additional assistance that you can gain if you do encounter problems.

The Role Of Marketing In The Future

With the development of online universities and the changing role of marketing in an ever-evolving world, the role of a marketing manager will continue to evolve too. If you are seeking to gain employment within the field then you should consider a degree in marketing. This will equip you with the necessary knowledge to manage all aspects of a marketing campaign. You will be able to create advertising and marketing materials, craft marketing strategy, and analyze marketing data.

If you are seeking to further your studies then you should look into studying at a reputable university. With a traditional marketing degree you will be entering a field that is still overwhelmingly dominated by men. However, with more and more people choosing to study online, the field of marketing is becoming more representative of the population as a whole. If you want to gain employment in a role that is currently dominated by men, consider a marketing degree online. Additionally, you should look to gain work experience by taking up a part-time job while you are still studying. This will help you to save up for your future studies and also give you more time to focus on your studies.