5 Online Marketing Advice from a Digital Marketing Consultant

In today’s world, the lines between offline and online marketing are blurring. Offline marketing refers to traditional methods of promoting your products or services, such as radio advertising, TV advertising, and magazine spreads. While these are still important forms of advertising, the internet has redefined traditional marketing methods. Today, traditional marketing methods, such as radio advertising, are being supplemented by internet marketing methods, such as search engine optimization (SEO).

With so much overlap, it’s no surprise that many successful businesses began online marketing as a means to an end. Rather than just marketing products on the internet, some businesses are setting up multi-channel marketing (MCM) strategies where they utilize the internet, social media, and their own websites.

Find Your Passion

In 2019, more businesses than ever before are embracing the power of CRO or conversion rate optimization. With this approach, you focus on increasing the conversion rate of your web visitors. To do this, you can utilize platforms like Google Analytics to track the actions of your visitors. For example, if you noticed that 50% of your website’s visitors are leaving without making a purchase, you might want to consider experimenting with lower-priced products or offering special deals to increase the conversion rate.

Passion is a driving force that can help you succeed in any endeavor. If you’re passionate about a particular product or service, you’ll be more likely to work hard to promote it. Moreover, you’ll be able to connect with and engage with customers more effectively. So, if you want to be the best in your industry, find your passion and run with it!

Think Globally

The most successful businesses in today’s world are global in scope. Whether you’re selling products worldwide or providing services to customers anywhere in the world, you need to have a strategy in place to ensure you remain relevant and in demand. Moreover, you need to be thinking globally even when you’re focusing on your local market. For example, if you’re a pharmaceutical company that specializes in cancer treatments and you are actively promoting your product to oncologists in the UK, you will need to reach out to global colleagues to spread the news about your product. This is sometimes called international marketing or exporting.

This level of global thinking isn’t just limited to marketing either. When a business owner or senior leader is thinking globally, they are considering the impact of their decisions and strategies on the world as a whole. Moreover, they are not afraid to consider the ramifications of their actions and adopt courses of action that will benefit all parts of the world. In today’s world, this is called ethics in business, and it’s becoming more important as the world becomes more connected.

Use Social Media

One of the first places people will look when seeking information online is the social media platforms. Moreover, with over 500 million monthly active users globally, it’s arguably one of the most influential and important digital platforms out there. If you’re not using social media to promote your products and services, you’re probably missing out on great marketing opportunities. For example, when you post pictures of your products on social media, you’re creating an opportunity for others to discover your products and perhaps buy them. Moreover, you can use social media to connect with other businesses and bloggers with similar interests to build a reputation, brand, and customer base.

Build An Audience

The concept of building an audience is more important than ever. When a business is starting out, it’s quite common for them to build their audience using free tools, such as Google Analytics, and organic marketing. However, as the business grows, they might want to consider investing in paid advertising to attract more customers.

Having an audience is necessary for any business, large or small. Having an engaged audience is even more important for businesses that are dependent upon referrals for their sales. For example, if you’re a dentist and you have a blog, you might want to consider creating content that is educational and useful to your audience. Moreover, if you post frequently and engage with your audience, they will come back for more. In fact, you can use this very principle to build a following on social media – just keep posting and make sure you engage with your audience.

Incorporate Email Marketing

While social media is important, it’s not always the best place to promote your products and services. Sometimes, you’ll want to use email marketing to attract and engage with your potential customers. With so many people using email blockers and filters to avoid annoying spam messages, it’s the perfect way to get your message in front of those who are actually interested in what you have to say. Incorporating email marketing into your overall marketing strategy is quite easy – just remember to follow the rules and best practices of email marketing, such as measuring the success of your campaigns and learning from your mistakes. Furthermore, you can use tools like HubSpot to get all of your marketing and sales communications organized and streamlined.

Understand The Importance Of Branding

When a business is first starting out, they don’t quite understand the importance of branding. After all, they are just trying to establish their credibility as a business and gain customers. However, as they continue to grow and establish themselves as a reliable source of information and products, they appreciate the importance of branding more than ever.

Even if you have the best products and the most ethical business practices in the world, you’ll still find it difficult to gain credibility and trust if you don’t have a brand to associate with. Moreover, as customers become more technologically advanced and connected to the internet, they will expect businesses to have a digital footprint and identity that is associated with good quality and integrity. Understand the importance of branding and take the time to establish a brand that is both memorable and unique to you.

Experiment With Different Channels

Another important piece of advice for businesses that want to thrive and succeed is to experiment with different channels and platforms. If you’re solely relying upon traditional methods of marketing, you might want to consider changing gears and trying out new platforms. The best businesses will regularly experiment with different platforms, seeking to identify the ones that are most effective in reaching their audience. Moreover, by continually assessing the performance of each platform, they are able to make meaningful changes to their marketing and sales strategies and rise above the competition.

Make Smart Use Of Analytics

With the vast majority of businesses now relying upon digital marketing and SEO strategies, it’s important to have analytical tools at your disposal. The best businesses use advanced analytics tools to track the performance of their different marketing and advertising efforts. For example, if you notice that paid ads on social media are garnering you more interest and clicks than your organic content, then you know that your paid advertising is effective and worth the expenditure. Similarly, if you’re incorporating email marketing into your strategy and discover that a large percentage of your emails are being opened and acted upon, than you know that your email marketing is also effective and worth the investment.

Don’t Forget The Basics

Although this article is packed with valuable information, it wouldn’t be worthwhile if I didn’t point out the most valuable piece of advice. I’m sure you’ll agree that, after reading all of this, you’ll have a better idea of how to effectively market your products and services online. Moreover, don’t forget the basics – rely upon your instinct and use common sense to get you through the day. When you follow these guidelines, you’ll find that your efforts will pay off and you’ll be able to see the positive effects of your marketing strategy in no time at all. Good luck out there.