How to Do Online Marketing Like Anthony Clark – A Complete Guide

Many entrepreneurs begin their journey to fame and success with a bang – they create a massive product, make a few bucks, and then scale their business up quickly.

However, not all entrepreneurs are created equal. Some will succeed and some will struggle. What’s the difference between the two? We spoke with serial entrepreneur, Anthony Clark, co-founder of Bluehost, and CEO of Anthos about how to succeed as an online marketer.

Find Your Niche

One of the first things a business owner will need to do if they want to succeed is to find their niche. Like the rest of us, entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes and may have a little bit of everything in their bag of tricks. That’s great! But if you want to become a highly successful entrepreneur, you’ll need to narrow your focus and specialize in one or two areas.

For instance, if you are a lifestyle blogger, specialize in lifestyle blogging to gain the most success. Why? Because a) people love to read blogs about their favorite topics and b) if you’ve chosen the right niche and built up a good audience, you may be able to monetize your blog. Keep your eye on the bigger picture here- you’re aiming for success, right? Don’t just rush into anything without thinking. Consider what’s best for your business and your audience and go with that.

Pick Your Platform

Another thing you’ll need to do if you want to succeed as an online marketer is to choose your platform. While there are many different platforms out there, like WordPress, Shopify, and Google Analytics, you’ll need to zero in on one. Why? Because while you could potentially reach a large audience with your content, it’s often the quality of that audience that determines your success.

Once you’ve picked your platform, you’ll need to determine which one will be the best fit for your business. That’s a lot of homework, but if you choose wisely, it’ll be worth it. WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world and can be incredibly powerful when used correctly. It’s also the backbone of more than 28% of all websites worldwide according to HubSpot. So if you’ve picked a platform, make sure you’re also considering which one will be the best for your business.

Decide How To Measure Success

Finally, you’ll need to decide how to measure success. There are many different ways to measure the success of an entrepreneur, but you’ll want to pick one that is both reliable and easy to use. The easier you make it for your staff to track your progress, the better. That’s why you’re looking into online marketing in the first place!

If you’ve followed this guide thus far and chosen a reliable system to track your progress, you may now begin to see some results from your efforts. Keep in mind, working hard and specializing in one area may take time; however, as long as you continue to work hard and stay focused, you’ll inevitably see success.