Amazon vs. Google: Who Has Better Online Marketing Tools?

Amazon and Google are probably familiar figures for most people around the world. However, not many people know that they are fierce competitors who are constantly upgrading their products and trying to outdo each other.

One of the latest innovations from Amazon is the introduction of an all-new digital marketing tool – Dash Button. This tool allows users to quickly create unique links that can be accessed via mobile devices. These links then allow users to perform certain actions such as purchasing goods, booking appointments, or giving to charity – all without leaving the link itself.

In this article, you’ll learn about the features of Dash Button and how you can use it to optimize your marketing efforts.

All-New Digital Marketing Tool From Amazon

While Google has always focused on SEO and PPC, and Bing focuses on paid ads, Amazon has always been in the dark ages when it comes to digital marketing. Up until now, their primary tool was an outdated blog platform that could only be accessed using a computer.

With the invention of Dash Button, Amazon has finally brought a tool into the 21st century. This new tool provides many advantages to marketers and digital entrepreneurs who are used to dealing with Google.

From a pure marketing standpoint, the tools appear to be identical. However, under the hood is where the real differences lie. While Google offers many features geared toward optimizing your search engine results, Amazon’s dashboard tool is designed to help you perform a variety of marketing tasks – from PPC to email marketing and more.

What Is Dash Button?

If you’re unfamiliar, Dash Button is a virtual interface that allows users to perform different functions using a single click.

Users simply have to select the function they want to perform (such as shopping, booking an appointment, or giving to charity) and then use the button to perform that action. When they are finished, they can simply click another button to return to the dashboard.

This interface makes it much easier to perform multiple tasks such as ordering products, checking out appointments, and donating to charity – without having to exit one application and launch another.

Amazon’s Redesigned Blog Platform

If you visit the Amazon digital marketing website, you’ll notice that their blog platform has been completely redesigned. Gone are the days of using an old-fashioned HTML form to submit content. Now, Amazon uses their own proprietary form, which is very sleek and easy to use.

The new design also makes it much easier to add more blogs to your account as you can now see all of the available options at a glance. Before, you had to hunt down the old HTML form if you wanted to add another blog and then manually type in the information.

Saving Time With Smart Search

One of the biggest benefits of Dash Button is that it allows users to integrate keywords and smart search into their marketing efforts. The tool makes it easy to enter a broad keyword – such as ‘mortgage’ – and then quickly find website content that matches what they are looking for.

Smart search is especially useful if you are doing a lot of your own online marketing. You can enter a broad keyword and then quickly find the articles, videos, and web content that you need to in order to build out your brand.

The Perfect Hybrid Marketing Platform

If you are a traditional marketer or market researcher looking for a single tool to take care of all of your digital marketing needs, then Dash Button is the perfect solution. It allows you to quickly create unique links for all of your marketing activities (PPC, email marketing, social media), and it also provides an SEO tool to get your content ranked on Google.

Google’s own blog platform, Google Blogger, is a perfect example of a tool that cannot compare to Dash Button. While it does offer an all-in-one solution for SEO and PPC, much like Dash Button, Google Blogger is difficult to use for digital marketers who are looking for a smooth and simple experience.

More Efficient And Effective Marketing

Another significant advantage of Dash Button is that it allows marketers to be much more efficient and effective with their marketing campaigns. Take a moment and compare how you would proceed if you were using Google Blogger versus the new Amazon dashboard. First, you would need to log into Google Blogger, find the article or video you want to use, copy and paste the URL, and then make sure you enter the proper keywords – all of which takes time.

With Dash Button, you simply need to find the keyword you are looking for, select the action you want to perform, and then click the button to go to the URL that was provided by the tool. From there, you can continue to perform other tasks such as checking out the product or service that you were looking for, or giving to charity – all without leaving the dashboard.

More Data For Marketers

In the past, most marketers found it difficult to track the results of their campaigns. Google Analytics was originally created for just this purpose – to give marketers the ability to track the results of their campaigns and optimize their future efforts. In the case of Dash Button, all of the tracking and metrics are available in the dashboard so that you can easily monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Tracking results is incredibly valuable because it provides much-needed information about the performance of each campaign. It is also crucial that marketers can measure the results of their campaign to determine whether or not it was successful. With the new Amazon dashboard, data about each task, such as the number of times the link was clicked, is easily accessible.

Familiar Interface For SEOs

Not many people know that Amazon Web Services has a team of over 500 SEO experts who specialize in crawling, indexing, and ranking websites. Most people do not realize that SEO is a complex process and requires a significant amount of technical knowledge.

Many SEOs do not like working with proprietary software because it makes their job much more difficult. Since Dash Button is a virtual tool which runs on a cloud-based system, SEOs can finally work with a familiar interface and a streamlined approach – making their work easier and more efficient.

Linking To Affiliate Programmes

Another significant advantage of the Dash Button is that it links easily and seamlessly to affiliate programmes. If you are promoting a product or service that offers affiliate programmes, then you can set up a simple affiliate link which will earn you a commission if someone clicks the link and then makes a purchase.

To put this into perspective, let’s say you run a blog about the latest fashion trends. You write an interesting article about the merits of wearing pink in the summertime and then include an affiliate link to a fashion website – If someone clicks the link and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a small commission.

Most people assume that affiliates need to have a significant amount of traffic in order to make money from affiliate marketing, but that is not necessarily true. If you have an engaged audience on your blog, you can use the affiliate programme to generate revenue – even if your blog only has a few readers.

More Engagement With Bloggers

One of the most significant advantages of Dash Button is that it encourages bloggers to provide more value to their audience in the form of helpful content.

If you run a popular blog, you’ll most likely have a large audience who is interested in the topics that you write about. However, much like a magazine, not all of your blog posts will be helpful or interesting to everyone – especially readers who are not directly engaged with the topic that you are writing about. In the case of Dash Button, solving this problem encourages bloggers to provide more value to their audience and earn more engagement through useful content.

If someone wants to learn more about SEO, for example, but does not have the time to read a long blog post, dash button provides them with a quick summary of the action that they need to take. This can greatly increase the value that a blog post provides to its audience and encourage more interaction.

Dash Button’s Amazing Keywords Feature

One of the most useful and unique features of Dash Button is its Keywords tool. This tool allows users to easily find the words and phrases that they should use in their content, and then quickly find content that matches their needs and wants.

Say you run a beauty blog and are looking for organic content regarding liposuction. You can use this tool to find all of the articles, videos, and blog posts that pertain to your niche. As you type in your keywords, the tool will return results as you navigate through different categories.